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Monday, September 17, 2018

#TerrificTakeout by @ManhattanPeachy #PeachyDeegan #WhomYouKnow Tuscany Steakhouse You Need Their Cheddar Cheeseburger In Your Life! #TuscanySteakhouse #Manhattan Do Yourself a Simple Favor and Go Eat It! #ASimpleFavor

Your new cheeseburger best friend

Tuscany Steakhouse was first featured on Whom You Know this spring:
and also, earlier this summer:

To be completely honest, Peachy did not have room in her stomach for the cheeseburger before this third brief visit. We almost never do brief visits like this, but based on the quality of what we tried the other two visits, Peachy was not able to forget about the cheeseburger and had a little slot in her schedule for cheeseburger prioritization!

Good thing, as it is DELICIOUS.

First, you ought to try owner Steve Haxi's pineapple martini.

Obviously, they use real fresh pineapple that you can see in the mixture at the bar, because this place does not fool around with quality.  We abhor lesser drink mixes.
Note the Steve Haxi martini reference in our "A Simple Favor" review:

It's super refreshing, and it is still summer.
We absolutely loved every bite of this magnificent creation sourced from Master Purveyors; a 65/35 ratio of Prime to Filet Mignon is carefully employed to your complete satisfaction.  We choose a lovely cheddar accent as Peachy only eats cheeseburgers (not hamburgers.)  If your little heart desires another cheese, there are other choices but we'd suggest cheddar.  
The french fries and especially the onion rings were also tops.
Do yourself A Simple Favor, watch the movie and go eat the Tuscany Steakhouse cheeseburger!
Tuscany Steakhouse impressed us and you need this cheeseburger in your life.

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