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Friday, October 26, 2018

#PeachysPicks #WhomYouKnow #BombaysIndianRestaurant Peachy Picks Bombay's Indian Restaurant Since 2008 by Sonal Vyas and Prashant Bhatt #SonalVyas #PrashantBhatt #Bombays #Manhattan #IndianRestaurant

Owner Sonal Vyas and Peachy Deegan

We cannot pretend to have this much fun with you.
We do, or we don't.  Sonal Vyas, Owner of Bombay's, is both talented and fun. 
Right from the opening delicious Mango Lassi, a delicious yogurt-based drink made fresh every day with authentic Mango pulp from India, it will be clear to you that though it is casual, Bombay's Indian Restaurant is uber-upscale in the quality of food.  Located on 60 Pearl Street in the most original historical part of Manhattan (this is Revolutionary America territory!), Bombay's Indian Restaurant has graduated to Peachy's Picks today and we could not be more thrilled to tell you.
Bombay's was last featured in the summer of 2017:
It is owned by Sonal Vyas and Prashant Bhatt, who also own Aahar, which we also love:
They are among the most dedicated restaurant owners we know and they are among the very best new performers over the last few years.  It is much harder to earn Peachy's Picks now than it was 9 years ago.
 We started on the edible field with a vegetarian appetizer: Onion Pakora.  Perfectly crisp, the onion vegetable fritters are a fantastic way to get your vegetables in.  Sonal and Prashant are vegetarians themselves, so you can count on everything vegetable being extra-excellent at their restaurants.  Cauliflower, carrots and green and red peppers join the party with mint and tamarind sauce both. 
 Most restaurants should be scared of how well Bombay's does this dish because frankly, it's better than theirs most likely.  The Chicken Biryani at Aahar got us addicted to this dish in the first place and the Basmati rice cooked with chicken and spices is still to-die-for at Bombay's.  Raita is the sauce that goes with it: yogurt, black pepper, cucumber and carrots.  It is amazing and you are missing out on LIFE if you are not eating SONAL'S CHICKEN BIRYANI.
 Note that dining a la carte has started at Bombay's.
It's not only takeout.
This trip we tried more vegetarian dishes; meet Navratan Korma.
Don't worry we will define everything for you as Peachy didn't know what that was either.
Of course it is also explained properly in English on the menu; Sonal is a stickler for detail and uber-dedicated to make everyone love her food.  Which you most definitely will!
 Mixed vegetables are cooked in a creamy sauce with dried nuts and spices, garnished with sliced almonds says the menu.
In detail, it contains: raisins, cashews, coconut milk, almond sauce, green pepper, red pepper, carrots, and mixed vegetables galore.  You didn't know how savory, smooth and luxurious vegetables could be.
 Meet Goan Shrimp Curry!
Of course, every dish like this is joined by white rice dressed up: 
 Some inferior places just put plain white rice in a box.
Bombay's steps theirs up as you can see.  Pinkies out!
Here is a close up of the Goan Shrimp Curry:  
 It is pure decadence in a lovely traditional shrimp curry from Goa, hence the name.  Goa is in southwestern India.  Every bite contains perfectly seared shrimp and they are not stingy with their shrimp; there are quite a lot.  And, you cannot pass go and collect $200 without ordering the garlic naan!!
 It's not possible to be better than Chicken Biryani, but this is second best to us.
We never liked Okra this much before. 
We like BOMBAY'S Chatpati Bhindi, which makes okra super soft and pillowy as it dances in paprika powder, red chili powder and garam masala.  Its flavor is superior and everything is diced perfectly.  You never knew you could get so addicted to vegetables! 
 Fish curry is another commanding choice: salmon is cooked in a traditional curry sauce, sourced locally from China Town.  Its warm welcoming flavor will light up your meal with comforting notes of seafood.
 The vegetable Jalfraezi with a medley of carrots, green and red peppers, cauliflower and a lovely kick of ginger in a tomato basil sauce will terrifically wow you especially considering that it also contains garlic and green chili paste.  Bombay's excels in the proportion of spices and ratio of them to one another to flavor your food to a maximum with out putting you on fire.  Their dishes are hearty not heavy and they seem pretty healthy to us, but you know who is not an official nutritionist (Peachy!) yet she is a deliciousist.  We made up that word.
We normally are not fans of lamb, but even the Lamb Pasanda, lamb cooked with nuts and raisins in a creamy cashew sauce, is absolutely wonderful and you must save room for the rice pudding, which is made from scratch and one of the best we've had. 
Peachy Picks Bombay's Indian Restaurant!
Bombay's Indian Restaurant is Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.

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