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Sunday, December 16, 2018

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Peachy Deegan, Executive Chef and Owner Tommaso DaTommaso, and Owner Lola DaTommaso.  Not pictured: Owner Paul DaTommaso, whom we aspire to get in front of the camera someday!

Whether you've been naughty or nice, you should leave Tortellini Gratinata for Santa because that is what is going to matter!  It is definitely one of the best things to eat in Manhattan and we check to make sure every visit.

 It's not who you know, it's WHOM YOU KNOW and we know the DaTommaso family, who make even the simpler menu items like salad and soup extraordinary!  A Peachy's Pick Since 2012, DaTommaso is a bastion of old-world excellence with tremendous consistency and quite a high deliciousness factor.  The Caesar Salad possesses a winning ratio of lettuce to dressing, which is properly freshly made.  Fresh, crunchy, and authentic, this salad has a kick and incredible flavor with its anchovy sauce, eggs and black pepper.  Stracciatella Fiorentiana arrives piping hot and you'll embrace this chicken broth with spinach, cheese, eggs and fresh grated cheese that melts right in front of you. A fragrant savory sensation, this soup is exactly what you need after a long day of Christmas shopping.  When the Jimmy Kimmel show taped in New York a month ago, they ate dinner here.
 We never edit pictures.  We tell the truth and you can see how hot it is!
 Mozzarella Affumicata hits the high notes on quality, and we loved this appetizer.  The smoked mozzarella is perfection and joined with prosciutto and sundried tomato, green pepper and olives, you'll discover fabulous depths of classic Italian flavor that you will savor until the firecracker pasta comes.
 Da Tommaso earned a spot in Peachy's Picks in 2012:
and it remains one of our favorites and has been one of the most consistent performers of excellence throughout the years.
Words do not do the Tortellini Gratinata justice.  If you want something from somebody (SANTA) this is what you should feed them or bribe them with.  Not only is it a bastion of exquisite cheesiness, but also its high standard of consistency ensures that you will never be disappointed.  Baked in cream and parmesean cheese we are most positive this must be available in heaven.  When it is put in front of you, the savory scent will make you ecstatic and when you taste it, all your Tortellini Gratinata dreams are realized. If Peachy was Snoopy and Paul DaTommaso was Charlie Brown, this is what she would want in her dog bowl every day and she would do that Snoopy happy dance.
 Let's visit some pasta glamour shots:
 DaTommaso has been killing it in Midtown Manhattan since 1988 and they do not change much and they don't need to, but a new exciting special you should know about is their lobster ravioli, which is spot-on sensational.  It's like summer in December!
 As you know, Crab is one of Peachy's favorite foods and you will discover crabmeat has teamed up with the lobster ravioli to further ravish your palate.  It all does an inspiring waltz in a lovely pink tomato sauce.  You'll discover huge chunks of lobster and crabmeat in this stunning new dish that is also colorful and nutritious in its savory excellence. 
Peachy Deegan is a complete Parm connoisseur and just look at this gorgeous landscape of La Parmigiana di Vitello!   
 Veal Parmesean is a perfect veal cutlet with mozzarella and tomato, and is joined by pleasant green beans and potatoes.  Every bite is parmesean perfection and it is a total hit-the-spot kind of entree after a busy day in New York!  DaTommaso excels in Italian classics like this.  If you are more of the poisson persuasion, opt for the Salmon Alla Mustarda. Salmon in a whole grain mustard sauce exclaims it is high quality fish with matching high quality flavor.  Lesser venues have salmon that bore us up a wall but your tastebuds will applaud to this entree.  The mustard is additionally laudable and don't stop at dipping only the fish there, also dip the potatoes.
We can count on one hand how many Manhattan venues do tiramisu as well as DaTommaso!  You must conclude with this winner: the richness is unparalleled and it is a bastion of luxurious creaminess.  
 Da Tomasso continues to be Highly Recommended!
Do not miss their spectacular IRISH coffee! It will keep you going during your holiday errands...

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