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Monday, January 28, 2019

#TerrificTakeout #PeachysPicks @ManhattanPeachy #PeachyDeegan #EffieNagar #WhomYouKnow A Peachy's Pick Since 2017, Talia's Steakhouse @taliassteakhous Winter 2019 by Effie Nagar and Family

Play it again, Effie!
Talia rocks.
What do you do after you write 24,000 posts and celebrate ten years?
You go to the best version of Casablanca in Manhattan, Talia's Steakhouse!
You might even do that before and after.  And after again, but stay tuned.
If you are so deprived in life to have not seen Casablanca, watch it, and then you'll know the origin of play it again Sam, hence play it again Effie.  You should be reading our movie column Movietime In Manhattan especially since we have written on the Oscars for years.
Talia's Steakhouse was first featured in 2017:
It was most recently featured in 2018:
We absolutely wish we knew Talia especially after knowing how amazing this restaurant is but the best we can do is know her fantastic dad, Effie.  If you actually know Peachy Deegan you will know how important it is to her to that a cure for brain cancer is found because that is how she lost her Grammy.
If you eat kosher, this is one of the few (few as in two, also we recommend Le Marais) places you should be going.  That means at least three times a week if we know our math.  If you have tastebuds at all, you should be a regular. Talia's Steakhouse happens to be kosher, but it is decidedly delicious says the Jesuit-educated Peachy Deegan who practices the religion of Boston College football (see Holy War Bet with Regis).
 We began with Talia's Salad, which true to form, is exactly how Talia liked her salad we understand.  Fresh seasonal mixed greens, green apple, dried cranberries and avocado team up for a wonderful bevy of nutrition with shredded carrots and pineapple vinaigrette ups the it factor in this delicious fresh wonder.  Picky Peachy opted for her dressing on the side.
 Another glamour shot:

 For all the times we've worked with Effie we did not fully realize his chef, Joe Kenny, has Kilkenny roots.   For everyone not Irish reading us if there is anyone, Kilkenny is a county in Ireland.  There are 32 counties in Ireland and 26 in the Republic we believe.  One of Peachy's best friends from UCC lives in Kilkenny and is a Dairy Farmer legend (Dairy farmers we do not know for 20 years plus watch out!  We literally spoke to him 2 hours before descending upon Effie).  Joe Kenny told us we ought to try the Moroccan Cigars which are obviously tobacco free.  Meet six phyllo dough-wrapped prime beef rolls served with tahini to ignite your appetite: 

 They were festive and delicious and absolutely enhanced by the tahini.  Enhanced with middle eastern tumeric and cumin, they were suggested by Chef Joseph Kenny (first generation American, dad from Kilkenny) and we think they would be ideal game food just days from the SUPERBOWL GO NEW ENGLAND.  You know we don't take sides and tell the truth and you know Peachy is a New England native.  We like the Celtic theme we are picking up upon here and note the bartender from Alabama makes a mean Hot Toddy.  Mean is good!  Even better is the Tuna Tartare, a staple of the Manhattan appetizer menu across culinary pursuits:

 The pictures do not lie.  It is this fabulous in real life and we never edit pictures.  Emblazoned with sesame seeds of both black and white and luscious chunks of avocado, this tuna reigns supreme to ignite your appetite.  If you go in the summer you may discover mango.  Few competitors in Manhattan can rival this wonder and it should be a must for your order.
 People of all ethnic backgrounds love ribs of excellence.
The quality of the meat is not determined by religion or country.
It is determined by your tastebuds.
If you have them, you will flock to Talia's Steakhouse to indulge upon the supreme prime beef spare ribs smothered in sweet and tangy bespoke BBQ sauce that is bespoke house made.  Obviously all meat at Talia's Steakhouse is Kosher.
If you are not Jewish, you should know neither is Peachy and she only vouches for the practice of culinary excellence and great taste. 
Every steak house must also excel in seafood, or we are not publishing on you.
Not everyone eats steak.
You know who eats both and a whole lot more.
Meet the Moroccan Salmon, which gives you another opportunity to say Play it again Effie!
Casablanca is in MOROCCO says the cliff notes version of this review.
Grilled salmon reigns supreme over tomatoes, carrots, celery, peppers and mashed potatoes which personally we believe to be the Irish Kosher version as you know who has eaten many mashed potatoes in Ireland.  Every bite of this salmon is truly spectacular in this fantastically hearty dish which embodies the spirit of Winter.  As you all gear up for History Vikings' Finale this is what you should be eating and also be thankful that you are many generations forward from the Vikings where you can go to Effie for dinner and not have to personally kill it yourself: 
 Glamour shot:
 Now we want to know how New York and How American is Effie, 11 of 11 who is a native of Israel making this truly Kosher.
Look at that Picture.
The answer is SUPER AMERICAN.
The answer is Peachy is your mouth that big even without cheese.
We will let you answer that.
 Yes we like cheeseburgers but if there is no cow cheese we learned we also like hamburgers if they are by EFFIE!  This is pure ridiculousness in terms of presentation.  It is a complete challenge and a pleasure concurrently to open your mouth to delicately devour the pickle, onion, tomato, lettuce and onion ring along with the obvious hamburger and bun.
 Finally we tried the Middle Eastern Kebab Platter and Kufta graced our presence.  Ground beef enhanced with cilantro, garlic and onion will wow you.  You may also opt for chicken  and cherry tomatoes, onions and peppers join the party with the rice.  
Your excursion to Talia's is complete with the Beef Yemenit Soup which is absolutely heavenly in winter with its beef and potato, upping the hearty factor tremendously. 
Talia's Steakhouse continues to be Highly Recommended by Whom You Know!

We don't judge you on sound because it wouldn't be fair (not everyone wins a Grammy and that is the bulk of our 700 music posts) but if you are singing something the Perilhettes did when we were a student, that is more than OK with us!  Effie has music sometimes too.

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