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Friday, March 22, 2019

#PeachysPicks @AmmosNewYork #Ammos by #DimitrisNakos #Best #Greek #Restaurant in #NewYork Says @ManhattanPeachy #PeachyDeegan #WhomYouKnow A Peachy's Pick Since 2011 and Best Greek Restaurant in Manhattan, Ammos Estiatorio Since 2009 by Dimitris Nakos #Spring #2019 #Manhattan #GreekRestaurant #Fish #Seafood #Mediterranean

Newcomer Entrees for Spring Garides Santorini above, and Kotopoulo below:
We keep telling you Ammos is on fire!
It's not who you know, it's Whom You Know and we absolutely know Dimitris Nakos, owner of Ammos. Stay tuned for an upcoming interview!  And this summer, Ammos will be expanding with four new private dining rooms and a bar that seats 35-40, all just steps away from Grand Central Station.  They keep getting better and better!
Ammos was last featured this past winter:
Last year, you learned they host the best wine dinners in town complete with the vineyard owner that made the wine flying in from Europe:
Spring is here and we are pleased to kick off the season with the latest and greatest menu innovations from Ammos.  We began with the Salata Kipou: baby arugula, julienne carrots, mixed peppers, brussels sprouts, haricot vert and tri-color cauliflower: all luxuriate in a delightfully refreshing lemon garlic dressing that even picky Peachy liked.  (usually she puts dressing on the side.)  The well-cut bevy of nutrition was a firecracker nutritional opener for the season and the dressing added the right flavor sparkle to illuminate the natural beauty of the vegetables.  We liked the green beans the best -haricot vert bien sur mes amies!
Meet your new best friend, Saganaki!
A newcomer to the appetizer menu literally en fuego, Saganaki-style Greek graviera cheese, a fabulous cow-milk cheese is beautifully baked (not fried) and teams up with dry figs for sweet accentuation to get you figgy with it this spring, Will Smith not included.
Flambeed with Meraxa brandy from Greece, the Saganaki is celebratory in its presentation and will make your spring feel like a holiday in the Mediterranean.
The cheese prior to its cast iron sizzle:
Vegetable lovers, rejoice!
Introducing the Rizi Vegettarean: Arborio rice sauteed with shittake, oyster and crimini mushrooms, mixed vegetables and diced peppers are elevated with a brilliant infusion of truffle oil.  This is especially good for Fridays in Lent like today when many are not eating meat.  The colors will wow you and each flavor will bloom on your palate.
More vegetable goodness awaits this time on the sides menu with the Spanaki:
Pictures cannot do the flavor of this justice.  This is luxury spinach!  The spinach is gorgeously enhanced with parmesean and barrel-aged feta cheese in perfect proportion, gloriously culminating in the right mix of Popeye-endorsed nutrition with Peachy's favorite vegetable, cheese.  Some places make the consistency of creamy spinach too watery or too thick, but at Ammos it is just right for Goldilocks Peachy.  This is a side deserving of your meal!
We cannot get enough of newcomer entree Garides Santorini!
It was our favorite new addition to the menu.
Shrimp in Santorini style perches upon cooked linguini pasta like King of the Mountain.   Fresh tomato broth with Greek Feta spiced with oregano and parsley make this a bright, flavorful dish to remember particularly with the smashing marinara: a mix of tomatoes and fine herbs.  The Greek Feta additionally adds fantastic flair as it is sauteed with Assyrtiko wine derived from grapes of Santorini.  You will feel like that kind of island dweller instead of the daily Manhattan concrete island type when you indulge in this new wonder.
When is chicken not just chicken?  When it is quality organic chicken thoughtfully marinated and slow roasted at Ammos, of course!  Meet another new entree: Kotopoulo.  Roasted lemon organic half-cut chicken visits Spa Dimitris prior to arriving in front of you (remember the signature Piglet process?  Click here to read about it...) and bathes in fresh lemon spring water for marination and is slow roasted with evoo and lemon.  After it has had a proper soak, it advances to the slow roasting stage and upon completion, it teams up with sauteed brussels sprouts halved perfectly, wild mushrooms and lemon potatoes. It is perfectly moist and delicious!  The sprig of rosemary adds style.

As always, Ammos earns our Highest Recommendation.

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