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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

#PeachysPicks #Manhattan #TerrificTakeout #PeachyDeegan #WhomYouKnow @ManhattanPeachy A Peachy's Pick Since 2013, Patsy's @PatsysItalRest Italian Restaurant Since 1944 the ONE AND ONLY by Culinary King Sal Scognamillo and His Family 75th Anniversary Spring 2019 Longest Running Featured Restaurant on

The fantastic Scognamillo Family!
Patsy is in the painting.
From left to right, his son Joe, his grandson Sal and his great-grandson Joe Scognamillo.
All hail the manicotti!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Flawless Striped Bass Marechiare
Sal and Peachy!
To say we love it here is a massive understatement.
Dining perfection awaits you!
Whom You Know first featured Patsy's Italian restaurant in March 2009, fewer than two months after we started:
Mimi's Pizza, which sadly has since closed, was our first food feature ever the first week we started in January of 2009 but now Patsy's is the longest running featured restaurant on
Patsy's joined Peachy's Picks in 2013:
Patsy's was last featured last summer:
 We love how they put all their social media front and center on their menu!
When you open the menu, drumroll please, you will discover the MANICOTTI, which we hold in high holy culinary regard.  Better manicotti is not made anywhere else on planet earth.
 This is what Peachy thinks of it...she writes on the menus always and keeps them so we call your attention to this wonder of the Manhattan dining world.
Everyone knows this spot was Frank Sinatra's favorite, and he is celebrated in statue form on the bar. 
  Culinary King Sal Scognamillo and his prize meatball!
 If you visit when the Pork and Sausage Meatball is an appetizer, jump on it pronto.  It is so beautiful, it almost looks like an exquisite dessert.  Patsy's is celebrating their 75th Anniversary this year, so you can be assured every recipe is tried, true and spectacular.  The meatballs are crafted with pork and fennel sausage and topped off with ricotta from Dipalo's.
 Remember, the only snow in April is parmesean at Patsy's!
Salad season is most definitely upon us and they are superb at Patsy's.
Tre Colore Salad radiates arugula, endive and radicchio, and is enhanced with gorgeously shaved parmesean.  It is absolutely fresh, as is the Caesar Salad:
 Patsy's uses a superpasturized egg in compliance with the board of health to craft the amazing caesar dressing and this is among our most favorite caesar renditions in all of Manhattan.  Note that is Barry Manilow on the wall behind-he was on Kathie Lee's last day recently-the collection of pictures on the wall is nothing short of phenomenal. 
 Unfortunately, the computer is not scratch and sniff.
You will have to visit yourself to indulge in the heavenly smell and taste of the glorious manicotti. 
 Revel in Manicotti glamour shots:
You can't go wrong with any of the pasta selections, but one of Peachy's favorite parts of existence in Manhattan at all is Sal's manicotti.  Eating it makes you feel closer to God.  It is perfection and words cannot approach doing it justice.  Mozzarella, Ricotta and Parmigiano-Reggiano team up for a trifecta of heaven with a tomato basil sauce.  Order it.  You're welcome!
 If you are in the mood for a white rather than a red pasta, opt for the Linguine with White Clam Sauce.  Little necks out of the shell simmered with olive oil, garlic and fresh herbs sing a delightful song of spring on your palate.  Perfectly al dente, this pasta is an ideal harbinger of the warm season.
 A savory spring sensation gripping Manhattan is the Chicken Zingarella, gypsy style!
It is on the specials menu, and it is fabulously healthy.  Sauteed chicken breast joins mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, artichoke hearts and asparagus to up the wow factor in your dining style.  This medley of vegetables wonderfully enhances the chicken with a lovely amalgamation of fresh vegetable flavor.
Asparagus Parmigiana makes a terrific companion to whatever you order, and broiled with butter and Parmigiano-Reggiano, it is wonderful.
 Finally, for Sea Food a notable entree that will impress you tremendously is the Striped Bass Marechiare.  It is brilliantly poached in a light sauce of garlic, tomato and white wine giving it an elegant note of sophistication from the sea.  This strategy yields quite the moist fish and the flavors pop with the poach.  Do not miss the super tuscan wine which is simply divine. 
 Their dessert tray is legendary, and the carrot cake would delight every Easter bunny, including you! 
 Patsy's is highly recommended and we love it!

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