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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

#TerrificTakeout #PeachysPicks @ManhattanPeachy #PeachyDeegan #EffieNagar #WhomYouKnow A Peachy's Pick Since 2017, Talia's Steakhouse @taliassteakhous Spring 2019 by Effie Nagar and Family

All hail the Steak Burger, perfect for spring!
Sous Chef Albert Rafailov with Owner Effie Nagar with the brilliant new Albert Salad!
We loved it!
 Beauty and fine dining awaits you on Manhattan's Upper West Side the moment you grace the presence of Talia's Steakhouse.  Talia herself surely oversees it all from heaven-we know you are reading up there Talia!-and this is the newest addition of what we have to say to brag about your dad Effie!  Talia's Steakhouse happens to be Kosher so if you only eat Kosher this is where you should go.  Obviously if you like fantastic food and a wonderful experience and are Catholic like Peachy or something else, you should also visit!  Whom You Know practices the religion of excellent eating, as you already know.
 Talia's Steakhouse was first featured in 2017:
Talia's Steakhouse was most recently featured this past winter:
 In the highly competitive world of fine dining in Manhattan, what do the best and most competitive restaurants do when the tulips start to spring on Park Avenue and the ice rinks close in Central Park? 
They update their menus, silly!  And Talia's has. They are in it to win it.
 We were most impressed by the Albert Salad, which deserves a permanent place on the menu.  Boasting red cherry tomatoes, red onion, avocado and cucumber all dancing on a bed of arugula, this classic makes its mark in a nutritious symphony of excellence with a light dressing of evoo and salt and pepper.  Less is more!  We reveled in its simplicity and they thoughtfully put the dressing on the side for Ms. Pretty Picky.  
Sous Chef Albert Rafailov created it and there he is with Effie.
 We love the bread basket and it is gone in record time with that delicious herbed margarine.  Of course there is no dairy at Talia's because it is Kosher.
 It's hard for Peachy to control herself around that margarine but she managed to save some bread for the multiple dips that you also are presented with.  Starting at 9 o'clock meet: red cabbage mayo, greek eggplant, beets, baba ganoush and in the middle, tahini hummus.  Each quality spread boasts the freshest ingredients and is quite healthy.  We liked the beets the best. 
 We are big fans of Kale and we like it even more because Dr. Oz talks about it all the time.  Actually Dr. Oz also tapes on the Upper West side so maybe he should pay the brand new Chopped Kale Salad a visit.  You'll discover chopped napa, romaine and kale with red cabbage, all of which we loved.  This is created by Chef Ramiro Ponce.  The twist is the corn tortilla strips and there is a dressing of cashew lemon-lime sweet chili.  However, though Dr. Oz loves Kale, we believe Richie Byrne his comedian would be more interested in the Steak Burger, which we adore:
 We have had it before, but we like to check for consistency, which it has achieved.
What really jumped out at us other than the obvious quality and quantity of 9 ounces of beef was the french fries of high grade Idaho potato, which were delicately devoured with clearcut enthusiasm.  Romaine, tomato, red onion, a pickle and an onion ring round out this extravaganza. 
 Another new edition is the Atlantic Salmon Cake.  A single cake embellished with herbs and spices is perched upon some lovely watermelon and citrus with spring greenery to get you in the swing of spring.  Fish delivery happens at Talia's six days a week, which is key to success with fish.  Another winner that is new is the Pesto Pasta: 
 Penne pasta is absolutely refreshing in pesto!  Invigorating and fresh, this pasta dish is perfection for spring.  Paprika and parsley also come to the party on a plate.  You can also add chicken or salmon and we would like to try that in the future.  Talia's is going to have outdoor dining later in the summer so get excited for that.
Chef Ramiro Ponce with Effie
 The fish of the day when we visited was the terrific Red Snapper!  We don't see this fish on enough menus here and it was fantastically crisp outside and deliciously moist inside.  The risotto below was flavored perfectly and we loved it.

Talia's Steakhouse continues to be Highly Recommended by Whom You Know!
We can't wait to see what Effie does next.

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