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Monday, August 5, 2019

#TerrificTakeout #PeachysPicks #PeachyDeegan @ManhattanPeachy #Primola by #GiulianoZuliani and #SamuelMorocho A Peachy's Pick Since 2012, Primola Since 1986 Summer 2019

Grilled Squid to-die-for!!!
A summer staple: Risotto Frutti di Mare!  Every bite will amaze you.
It's said that if you make it here in New York, you can make it anywhere.
If you've made it, you dine at Primola, a synonym for all edible excellence as far as we're concerned ever since we started dining here!  Some places are better in certain seasons but Primola is simply fabulous any day of the year.  Of course since it is summer we chose summery dishes, and it is notable that Primola crafts it all with olive oil (not butter) making everything you eat lighter and healthier, a summer goal for most!
Primola became a Peachy's Pick in 2012:
Primola was last featured earlier this winter:
 Of course, make a reservation.  We go when we know it's not busy!
Great things start with the letter P!!!!
Peachy personally adores baby string beans, and they don't get any better than the Insalata Ortolana at Primola:  
With this first dish, you will be reminded of the aesthetic high marks that Primola hits on presentation in everything they do.  The baby string beans professionally nestle upon endive and are garnished with mixed peppers and mushrooms, which invigorate the whole dish naturally.  It is a refreshing start!  
 Only the very best venues in Manhattan do a chopped salad as well as Primola, and the Insalata Salade Primola, their signature green salad, remains one of our favorites.  It ensures you will look the best in your bikini while lighting up your tastebuds with nutrition and flavor!  They even are happy to put the lemon vinaigrette on the side for the pickiest like Peachy.  All items are expertly diced and this is terrific as the only work you have to do is the forklift.  We adore the diagonal cuts and the tomatoes were our favorite item! 
 A special that knocked our socks off (figuratively!  Peachy wears sandals in 90F not socks!) is the Grilled Squid, which is absolutely brilliant.  Served hot to precisely the right temperature, this is not at all rubbery yet it is grilled appropriately, achieving the perfect balance.  You will live a happy life if you eat this every day!  We loved every bite and you cannot pass go and collect $200 without ordering it.  Even if you think you don't like squid, you will like THIS SQUID.  It's absolutely phenomenal and we wish we were eating it right now. 
It's an appetizer but maybe they should think about making it an entree because it is so spectacular an appetizer is just a tease!
 Another spectacular special is the Grilled Salmon, which was executed to a perfect medium as requested by Peachy.  She cut inside when it arrived so you can see the difference between perfection (Primola) and their competition (less impressive.)  The mustard it luxurates in has a nice bite to it without overwhelming the intrinsic nature of the fish.  Also note that Zarko and Mario have discovered a chardonnay that Peachy likes (rare!) and their wine list is smashing.
 Not everyone does Risotto to the sky-high standards of Peachy, but Primola does!  Usually we pick one red and one white pasta, but in this case, because of the outstanding selection available we chose one pink, above, and one green, below!  Lilly Pulitzer, high 5 in heaven!
Above, meet Risotto Frutti di Mare, which is in an excellent reduced lobster sauce that will astound your tastebuds.  Rice and mixed fresh seafood await you and sing a song of summer to your elevated taste levels.  Remember, this is all olive oil and no cream and no butter, ensuring health and optimal summer cocktail dress wearing!  Below, meet Risotto Verde con Asparagi.  This rice is blended with fresh spinach and asparagus, and has triumphs of asparagus bites throughout, achieving a lovely consistency.  Although the market is not great today, the day Peachy ate this the stock market was through the roof and the economy boomed.  Of course it must have been her green dinner at Primola! 
 Yes, balance out those vegetables with Chardonnay.
 Even the chicken is outstanding at Primola!  Pollo al Balsamico e Rosmarino is a light, fragrant, enticing rendition of chicken that is on the regular Primola menu.  This chicken is enlightened with Balsamic Vinaigrette, fresh rosemary and garlic that results in a flavor evidencing the illustrious history here since 1986.  In our humble opinion, Tom Cruise should put it in the new Top Gun as the old one was the first year of Primola....just in case you're asking, Tom!  Finally, the chocolate mousse and the cappuccino are the ideal conclusion to your Primola experience. 
Zarko, Peachy and Mario! 
Primola continues to be Highly Recommended!
We love it here!

Giuliano is very old school and we have yet to convince him to have a website or Twitter but maybe someday!
1226 2nd Avenue # 1 New York, NY 10065 
Contact: (212) 758-1775

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