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Sunday, August 11, 2019

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We saw all the booths today, some better than others.
But none as cute as this!
And, she's working.
No one is having a great trade show if Coco the chocolate lab from Stapleton Security is not working hard, accurately with style, diligence and flair.
And sincere cuteness, which counts. 
Coco wins for best newcomer after the 16 miles Peachy walked today.
Coco with her human, Kevin Stapleton.
Can't beat this face for friendly and hardworking, two of the most important qualities of success in a trade show!  She's not even selling.
Check out the best booth in the show: Lothantique French Living North America!
If you are an avid reader, you know Lothantique because we sing their praises season after season.
They have earned it.
They are the best!
Nobody is more excellently consistent from this show.
That's Peachy Deegan with Gil, head of North America!
Lothantique is a family owned company based on heritage & history built on a foundation of quality & integrity. We curate our lines and seek out quality and luxury goods from around the world. Our mission is to elevate the every day as we continue to evolve and grow in the pursuit of beauty and inspiration.

Peachy with Joe Maruca of Tre Olive

We have tried a lot of Olive Oils in the last decade, but only one has had us review Olive Oil from a tree specific to us with our name around it in Calabria and that's Tre Olive, featured last we believe in 2013. We look forward to their new hits...stay tuned.

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