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Sunday, August 18, 2019

Peachy Picks Uncle Paul's Pizza Since 2012 #PeachysPicks #TerrificTakeout #UnclePaulsPizza @UnclePaulsPizza by #ExecutiveChef #DinoRedzic #NickKrkuti and of course Uncle Paul himself, #PaulNicaj !!!

LOBSTER PIZZA: What you need in your summer!
It's not who you know, it's WHOM YOU KNOW and everyone knows that by now!
In the world of our readers, pizza is a priority and there is no better place for pizza than Manhattan, and the best pizza (tied with what we had at Battery Gardens, no accident) we've had this summer has been by Executive Chef and Owner, Dino Redzic, above, with a custom vegetable pizza that Peachy Deegan picked out.

We are pleased to announce that Uncle Paul's Pizza has joined the ranks of Peachy's Picks.
It was first featured twice in 2014:
and was most recently featured in 2016:
As you remember, back in 2014, Dino earned his initial feature on his own merit, and we discovered once we were there that we knew his business partner, Paul Nicaj, first!
He is of course Uncle Paul, and was featured in a Battery Gardens review earlier this summer:
Dino and co-owners Paul and Nick Krkuti make fabulous pizza, and much, much more.

 Great pizza places start with great salads...because you want to eat something nutritious while your pizza is baking!  The signature Uncle Paul's salad is fantastic: Crispy bacon (obviously, a favorite vegetable!), roasted peppers, red onion, fresh mozzarella, grilled mushrooms, cucumber and a homemade dressing, put on the side as requested by Ms. Picky, make a winning combination for contrasting flavors and textures.  The Caesar Salad below is a proven classic with romaine lettuce and herb croutons with homemade caesar dressing made daily.  We asked for this one dressed.  We also applaud the fact that we see five salads; if Peachy is not eating salad this time of year, she is not fitting into her bathing suit and we can't have that.
 You'd be hugely remiss to go into UPP for only pizza.  Even if you just take it to go for the next day, you indubitably should order the Linguine alle Vongole: Little Neck Clams sourced from Long Island twice a week with white wine sauce.  The resident garlic monster, Peachy of course, loved the beaucoup de garlic and this solid classic is a summer must.  The pasta is perfectly al dente and the clams are fresh.
 Keep in mind we never edit pictures.
You either excel like Dino, or you don't.
 The red pasta of choice this summer was the Follie di Melanzane: Rigatoni, Tomato with Eggplant, and fresh mozzarella.  Again, this dish announces less is more and you will again revel in the stunning simplicity done so well.  There are many pasta choices-maybe a dozen-and we have further carbohydrate ambitions here. 
Summer is for sandwiches, and Uncle Paul's Paninis are superb.
We opted for the winning Roasted Red Peppers and Fresh mozzarella, a complete classic that will brighten your day tremendously.  We also loved the panini itself and Peachy personally likes this presentation over flatbread by a million miles.  The red peppers and mozzarella are like Peas and Carrots: like Forrest Gump and Jenny.   
Now, drumroll please.
If you have not had this lobster pizza, you are not living your best summer yet. 
 Normally, we only order large pizzas, however, the Maine Lobster Pizza with Grilled Corn is to-die-for and comes only as a Special Pizza Pie 10-inch.  One entire lobster tail is dedicated to each pizza, and it is decadently exquisite.  If you like lobster and you like pizza, you are going to love this hot white number.  We'd also like to see it with red sauce sometime a la fra diavolo!
For both pizzas, the crust, cheese and sauce were perfection. 
Dino is extremely enthusiastic about his culinary endeavors, as is evident above.
Peachy is extremely enthusiastic about eating them, and she chose tomatoes, green peppers, red onions, garlic and spinach to grace this large 18-inch pizza at Uncle Paul's. 
 Check out the pizza horizon:
 The crust was the right amount of chewy and balanced to be the right amount of strong to hold up all these nutritious vegetables, that go so well together and were placed in perfect proportion to one another.  Usually Peachy eats one slice immediately.  She did not.  She ate two.  Actions speak louder than words, readers.
Uncle Paul's Pizza even does formal entrees, and we chose the Salmon alla Griglia: Grilled Salmon with Mustard Sauce, evocative of the continued talents in the Times Square restaurant which you can look forward to hearing about this fall.  Atlantic Salmon swims into the pizza palace three times a week to make your day and is delicious.  Finally, do not pass go and collect $200 without trying the spectacular tiramisu.

Peachy Picks Uncle Paul's Pizza!
Uncle Paul's Pizza is Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.
Dino and his niece; this business is a family effort!

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