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Monday, September 16, 2019

#TerrificTakeout #PeachysPicks #PeachyDeegan @TheMarshalNYC #TheMarshal #WhomYouKnow #Manhattan @ManhattanPeachy A Peachy's Pick Since 2014, The Marshal by Charlie Marshall Summer 2019 Wood-Fired American Kitchen

This is what a winning Chef looks like.
Meet Charlie Marshall!
 It's not who you know.
And those that know come here and listen to what we have to say about what they should eat.
The Marshall has hit the high notes of excellence since their inception, and Charlie has been one of the most consistent performers since.  Only the Italians have better burrata, and Charlie makes America proud with his Hudson Valley Burrata with basil pesto, wood oven roasted garlic and pearl onion confit, gourmet sea salt and cherry tomatoes that put the cheery in it.
Yes, mes amies, this is how you properly win a summer review.

 We can only take a selfie with you and smile to this degree of genuineness if we really love you.
And we definitely love Charlie because he is talented, delicious and a fantastic entrepreneur.  Everyone knows this is the Executive Chef, Founder and Owner, CHARLIE MARSHALL!!!!  But know that The Marshal is ONE L.
 Check out these salad glamour shots.  It's no lie.
 Brussel sprouts have never looked so good, and when they are warm and roasted like this and waltzing with focaccia croutons, parmesean and caesar dressing, which they thoughtfully put on the side for Ms. Really Quite Rather Picky, it is a clearcut winner, not to mention unique in the salad world of Manhattan.
 Dr. Oz, this should be on your must-eat list.
Meet Three Kale Salad.
And Richie Byrne, this is not the stuff of which astroturf had a baby (if you don't understand that, obviously you have not had the distinct pleasure of going to the Dr. Oz show.)  Charlie has painstakingly selected three specific Kale varieties to intelligently combine and then party with roasted hazelnuts, blood greens, watermelon radishes and the best dressing around, Garlic Aioli.
Carnivores will be wowed with the Pork Meatballs (apologies to Miss Piggy) which luxuriate in tomato sauce, parmesean, and bread sticks.  But what you will really go bonkers for is the Wood Oven Mac and Cheese.  Charlie brings this dish to an uber-gourmet level. 
 Swiss and corkscrew pasta combine for a tastebud sensation that will subside your inner carb monster for awhile, and we suggest adding the bacon which makes it better.  Obviously.
The Marshal was most recently featured last winter:
 It has been a Peachy's Pick since 2014:
It is by far one of our favorites on the West Side, and it is the only place we regularly feature in Hell's Kitchen.  You ought to make your reservation in advance, because space is limited.
It boasts a highly elite crowd including dignitaries from the best town in the best state in the 50.
If you don't know what the best town in the best state is, maybe you don't know our history with our 24k previous posts which include several mentions referencing the fact that the High Holy Poet Laureate of the State of Connecticut Rennie McQuilkin was once our English Teacher in that town....and also up with C.J's family which includes an esteemed Jesuit grad (Go Hoyas and go see Billy Martin.) 
 Onto the sides.
Few have as much depth and quality in sides as Charlie and this is his strongest point.
Marinated Beet and Fennel Salad announces further nutrition and evidences farm-to-table is for real here.  Charlie grew up on a farm and actually knows the farm-to-table difference in an authentic way that most do not, though may market in the name of shallow trendiness.
 Dr. Oz you still are reading we hope.  And Richie this is most definitely not astroturf.
If you do not like vegetables and really did not as a kid, clearly this was not one of your options.  Sweet potato and Kale team up  for an unforgettable vegetable experience that will leave you dreaming about this for weeks.  Other than the bread, this is Peachy's favorite menu item.  The flavor, deliciousness and ridiculous combination of ecstasy will win you over.
 We are still crying our eyes out that D&E closed.
However, the Smashed Roots live.
 You have never seen such good looking Roots and we're including yours, Jimmy Fallon.
Beets, Greek Yogurt, Dill, Carrots, Mustard, Honey, Turnips, Butter and Horseradish combine for an unforgettable root vegetable experience.
 Local portobellos, button mushrooms, wild rice and to-die-for sage butter amalgamate into a mushroom symphony that will be music to your ears and tastebuds.  And they are outdone by the Wood Oven French Loaf which you absolutely must order.  We are not passing GO and collecting $200 without it.  The whipped butter is equally amazing.
 There are seven entree choices, including the Herb Stuffed Bone-In Chicken Breast, which is among the best in the city.  Usually it has Goat Cheese.  Guess who doesn't like that and they left it out for her.
Designed with goat cheese and sure to please all that love it, this clucker is embellished with white wine, pork lardons and sauteed rainbow chard and is Charlie's Mom's recipe all the way from Washington State on the West Coast.
Also, meet Wood Oven Roasted Icelandic Cod.
Six days a week, The Marshall receives fish deliveries and this poisson is of course roasted and victoriously arranged over mushroom ragout, majoram lemon butter and cherry tomatoes, singing a savory song of summer. 
 The Blackberry Rhubarb Trifle seals the deal.

 The Marshal continues to be Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.

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