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Monday, October 7, 2019

#ReadThis #NeverHaveIEver By #JoshilynJackson @JoshilynJackson

Who doesn't love winning?  Who doesn't love drinking games?  
Of course our readers do, and we are absolutely thrilled to tell you about Never Have I Ever.  Never have we ever heard of Joshilyn Jackson before, and we don't know her.  But she must be peachy if she's a Georgia girl.  We noticed the Dillard's reference and we like how they carry Karl Lagerfeld.  This book is decidedly in the south so it is like going on a complete vacation.

In our many hours of reading this year devoted to find an author AS AMAZING AS MOVER AND SHAKER CHARLES KIPPS, we have found it rather impossible.  Many have disappointed us, and we will not waste your time with them.  

Never Have I Ever is year-to-date the best book by an author new to us in 2019 in terms of fiction.

We will admit we were nervous at the start when it commenced with a mommy drinking book club group, however, the edginess was upped quickly and the intrigue unraveled.  Everyone in Manhattan can relate to the high value of having a good neighbor, particularly because we all live on top of each other here, and we can equally appreciate the tremendous misfortune of a bad one.

You really need to pay attention to details and though this is absolutely leisure pool/beach/club reading, don't let some motormouth let you deviate from the details and make sure you are checked out of everything else to fully concentrate on the oh-so-worth-it story.  You need to read between the lines to comprehend what does and does not add up.

Jackson is creative with word choice; you'll learn what a sex camel is.  Her verb choices like slithering are apt and paint a vivid picture.  She hammers home situations when she describes "The DIYers Guide to Blackmailers" and "Machiavelli for Dummies."  We will not give away her secretes, as the point is to get you to crack open this winner.

We did find one grammatical error on p. 173.  FEWER.  Not less.

We do however highly applaud the POOH reference on p. 283.  If you haven't read those books 100 times yet, you should.  Also high five on the BLEAK HOUSE reference; we read the book multiple times after the BBC impressed us first.

Gripping, stylistically smart and layered with superlative character development, Never Have I Ever is Recommended by Whom You Know.  Also, it looks good in purple.


On July 30, William Morrow will publish NEVER HAVE I EVER by New York Times bestselling author Joshilyn Jackson, an unputdownable novel of psychological suspense in the vein of Big Little Lies or The Wife Between Us. 

You may know Joshilyn Jackson as the author of eight novels, including gods in Alabama and The Almost Sisters. NEVER HAVE I EVER is Joshilyn Jackson as you’ve never read her before and marks an exciting new direction for the author. In her first flat-out thriller, a dark and deliciously addictive tale of domestic suspense, Jackson displays her masterful talents for crafting unforgettable characters and surprising twists. 

In NEVER HAVE I EVER, a group of women play a harmless drinking game that escalates into a war of dark pasts. Jackson keeps readers on edge with the chilling premise – what if someone knew your worst secret and was ready to use it against you? 

Amy Whey is proud of her ordinary life and the simple pleasures that come with it—teaching diving lessons, baking cookies for new neighbors, helping her best friend, Charlotte, run their local book club. Her greatest joy is her family: her devoted professor husband, her spirited fifteen-year-old stepdaughter, her adorable infant son. And, of course, the steadfast and supportive Charlotte. But Amy’s sweet, uncomplicated life begins to unravel when the mysterious and alluring Angelica Roux arrives on her doorstep one book club night. 

Sultry and magnetic, Roux beguiles the group with her feral charm. She keeps the wine flowing and lures them into a game of spilling secrets. Everyone thinks it’s naughty, harmless fun. Only Amy knows better. Something wicked has come her way—a she-devil in a pricey red sports car who seems to know the terrible truth about who she is and what she once did. 

When they’re alone, Roux tells her that if she doesn’t give her what she asks for, what she deserves, she’s going to make Amy pay for her sins. One way or another. 

To protect herself and her family and save the life she’s built, Amy must beat the devil at her own clever game, matching wits with Roux in an escalating war of hidden pasts and unearthed secrets. Amy knows the consequences if she can’t beat Roux. What terrifies her is everything she could lose if she wins. 

A diabolically entertaining tale of betrayal, deception, temptation, and love filled with dark twists leavened by Joshilyn Jackson’s trademark humor, NEVER HAVE I EVER explores what happens when the transgressions of our past come back with a vengeance. 


William Morrow | Hardcover | ISBN: 9780062855312|$26.99 

E-Book ISBN: 9780062855336 | Audio ISBN: 9780062933546 (Read by the author) 


JOSHILYN JACKSON is the New York Times bestselling author of eight novels, including gods in Alabama and The Almost Sisters. Her books have been translated into a dozen languages. A former actor, Jackson is also an award-winning audiobook narrator. She lives in Decatur, Georgia, with her husband and their two children. Learn more at or follow Joshilyn on social media: 

Twitter: @JoshilynJackson

Facebook: @JoshilynJackson

Instagram: @Joshilyn_Jackson

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