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Monday, October 7, 2019

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Owners Sean Marr and Phil Smith look forward to your next visit to District Local!

Best menu item by ten miles: Mussels with Green Curry and Chorizo!
We are pleased to announce the first review ever of District Local, brand new to Manhattan since June 2019.  Located on 7th avenue, it's brought to you by the terrific team behind District Tap House, District Social and Bedford Falls, all of which have earned Peachy's Picks status. Their menu is most similar to District Tap House with its concentration on small plates, which is appetizer-size to those unfamiliar with the specific terminology.  The menu has two sections: Snacks and small plates.
The snack to turn your edible attention to is the Speck Crisps: which is simply dehydrated speck and intelligently suggested to us by owner Sean Marr.  They absolutely hit the spot after a long day or night in Manhattan and pair perfectly with the alcohol selection by these imbibing specialists.  Other than the Speck under snacks, we think you should mainly concentrate on the excellence of the menu titled Small Plates.  District Local maintains the fabulous Harrison Mosher as Group Chef and has added Executive Chef Sarah Gouse.
11 years into doing this, Jaded Peachy is not surprised by much and there is not much she hasn't tried.   We have many bad surprises that we do not disclose here in writing, however, this is a GOOD SURPRISE. We actually had to look up quite a lot on this menu.  We were incredibly thrilled to meet the Lahmajun.  We had never heard of it despite our beaucoup de visits to Dr. Oz who is Turkish.  To us it is kind of like pizza, and it is flatter than flatbread.  Eggplant-based, it boasts onion, garlic, san marzano tomatos all of which combine for a fabulous ragout, and they join artichoke and turkish soft cheese.  You have to have this.

A solid contender Sean suggested was the Seared Scallops, which were well done.  Three scallops luxuriate in coconut milk and puffed rice, and another seafood to try is the Saffron Shrimp with Tzatziki (fantastic Greek influence)  and heirloom tomatoes.  We loved the variety in color in the tomatoes.  If you are new, know we do not edit pictures ever for anything and you excel like Sean, or you do not.  This is exactly how it looks.
The best meat dish without a doubt, and we are complete carnivores, is the Hanger Steak which is accentuated by a lovely lebanese vegetable ragout.  We were totally happy with it and especially applaud the BROCCOLINI, a highly underrepresented vegetable on all menus everywhere.  Up with Broccolini: we want to see more of it.  The Grilled Broccoli was also strong, and refreshing in a preserved lemon chimichurri and a lovely pumpernickel.  Peachy is a Deegan not a Vegan, but if you are a Vegetarian there are starred items made especially with you in mind.  We are meat eaters that like vegetables with our meat!
We are almost afraid to try mussels anywhere other than Jubilee because Luc Holie is the master and 99% of the rest of the world cannot compete with his genius.  However, we always have an open mind and the last non-dessert item we tried was the best of all at District Local.  We were incredibly impressed with the delicacy and flavor of the Mussels with Green Curry and Chorizo and sorry Luc, these are on par with yours.  We totally loved them and cannot wait to indulge in them again.  Their freshness and intoxicating aroma won us over before we started eating them, and of course they won this review when we were done eating them.  You have to go to District Local for this dish alone.
Apple a la mode and brownie and milkshake are perfect conclusions to celebrate this hot new spot.
District Local impressed us on our inaugural visit, and we look forward to seeing what they do next.

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