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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

#PeachysPicks #TerrificTakeout #PeachyDeegan #JubileeNY Where @EmmanuelMacron Dines! #Best #French #Restaurant in #Manhattan According to #WhomYouKnow @ManhattanPeachy A Peachy's Pick Since 2011, Jubilee Fall 2019 @Jubilee_NYC #Jubilee #MasterChefFrance #LucHolie @MCFconnecte #MasterChefsofFrance #academieculinairedefrance

If it's good enough for French President Macron, don't you think it's good enough for you!?!?
Jubilee is what dining perfection looks like!
Especially the ESCARGOT:
And @EmmanuelMacron we see you must have been reading: we have consistently raved about Jubilee since 2011!  He dined upon salmon, tuna tartare and avocado shrimp in case you want to eat like Macron.  Peachy likes to eat like Peachy and that means beaucoup de escargots!  
And, OUI bien sur that is him between
Executive Chef Luc (sons Mathias and David Holie are to the left) and 
Ilda, owners and dynamic duo husband and wife team behind Jubilee.  Jubilee is always innovating their menu to our delight, so tune in for new hits and the essential escargots.
 Under appetizers, meet the latest and greatest Leek Vinaigrette with Quail Egg.
The leeks are brilliantly blanched in the steam oven and paired with lovely quail eggs.  A red wine vinaigrette accompanies them along with tartar sauce beautifully in dollops.
 Below, you'll see the newest salad is in BOSTON COLLEGE colors, which to us is a total plus.  
It's titled: Landaise Salad, and arrives in style with a frisee base joined by cherry tomatoes, duck prosciutto, foie gras, pine nuts and hazelnut oil: an elegant combination indeed. 
 Our favorite: 
 You cannot pass go and collect $200 (stay tuned for the Ashok Bajaj hit parade continuing soon!  We feel like we are playing Monopoly every time we go to Washington and visit his newest property and his old favorites) without indulging in the escargots, otherwise known as Broiled Snails Cassolette with Garlic and Parsley butter to-die-for.  Words do not do them justice and it is your great loss that this page is not scratch and sniff.  They are simply one of the best items one can eat in Manhattan and we have to check every time to make sure they are as sensational as the last time!  When Peachy is finished, the dish looks like it went through the dishwasher because every last drop is absorbed by the fabulous french bread which also in addition to the superlative snails, magically disappears.   All of the other escargots in the world want to grow up to be Luc's Escargot at Jubilee.
Don't talk to Peachy when she is eating them. It is a religious experience for her.
 There is no way anybody anywhere, never mind Manhattan or America's East Coast, has more mussel options of this caliber.  Luc's mussels rule.
 The newest mussel rendition is CIDER.
We are certain no one else does this which is reason alone to try it, and they are PERFECT for fall.  Of course.  Bien sur.
Cider, garlic and crushed pepper flakes emanate apple picking but it's better because seafood is involved and you can sit down and use a fork!  This is a new modern classic edition of how you can eat mussels in Manhattan.
 From every angle, the Broiled Atlantic Salmon in its new fall arrangement is going to look captivating.  That's because IT IS, SILLY!  No pictures are altered ever.  You excel like Luc, or you don't.
 This salmon is heartily combined with a gorgeous bean stew that hits the spot and is further embellished with sundried tomato broth.  The Salmon itself is fresh and top notch, grilled to perfection.  Duck leg confit is sublime in its wondrous flavorful splendor of potatoes rainbow truffle sauce (black truffles from Italy) and is sourced from our friend Ariane:
Everyone knows Ariane is Queen of D'Artagnan.
 Our favorite entree by ten million miles is the Grass Fed Rib-Eye Steak for a trifecta of reasons: the steak itself is grilled perfectly and is of high quality (better than some steakhouses!), the fries are to-die-for and the best in Manhattan, and finally NO ONE HAS BETTER BERNAISE SAUCE THAN LUC.  Better bernaise does not exist. 
Happiness is: 
 In fact, you need to know that their steaks are so highly lauded that the steak section of the menu has expanded!  This is entirely exciting to a carnivore like Peachy and if you are here, chances are you are a carnivore too.  There are no bad steak choices at Jubilee, just like there are no bad shoe choices of Paul Mayer. 
 Second to the Escargot which is really saying something is the dessert special Mango Soup with exotic fruit salad.  This is our new favorite dessert in all of New York now and it is the only time we've tried it.  Kiwi, raspberries and mango team up for a victory lap in your stomach perfectly punctuated with a mint sprig.  Finally, Paris Brest was suggested by Luc: it's historically a winner among the French in its pastry glory. 
Jubilee continues to be Highly Recommended and we can't wait to see what they do next!

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