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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

#TakeaTrip to #WashingtonDC Via @TheBestBus : BestBus Continues to Be the Best Travel Option to Get to Washington, D.C. from Manhattan, and Vice Versa!

All buses are not created equally.
Some are just superior.
We have recommended The Best Bus for so many years, we used to work with them under a different name of theirs and a different owner too!  The quality remains the same.  Previously, it was known as DC2NY so if you know that, you should know the only change was the name. Dan of Best Bus:

Manager Avi Cohen, a distinguished veteran of this brand throughout the ages, consistently does a fantastic job welcoming guests and certainly has better business and personable skills than anyone else we've seen with a bus line. This is not just any bus.  
It is a pleasure to see his smiling face each time we board, and they give each passenger a bottle of water and we like how each seat has its own garbage bag: this brand is into clean (although they cannot control the behavior of each passenger, they certainly do their best for cleanliness).

Here's what is new.

It picks up and drops off in New York now on 417 West 34th Street.  This should be an obvious spot to our enthusiastic readers who remember Skylight Diner by our old friend Teddy (Teddy we looked for you the day we were at The Best Bus!)
 It is a beautiful location and you can see the sunrise in the morning just like this if you take an early bus to Washington DC, where you can arrive in style either at Dupont Circle or Union Station.
 This particular trip down we had the best driver we've ever met with The Best Bus, James Hill.  We talked to him before we got on and he did not know we were reviewing the trip.  We could tell the sincere pride he took in keeping his bus clean and knowing all the back roads to take in case there is traffic on Interstate 95.  He drove safely and we made the best time we have ever made on a bus going down to Washington.  When we got off the bus we told him we were writing and great job.  Here's James and it is your lucky day if he is your driver. 
We also took The Best Bus back to New York of course, and still say BestBus is absolutely the way to go!!!

Thumbs up to The Best Bus!

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