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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

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What you already know: We have simple taste.  We only like the best.
And, it's not who you know.  It's WHOM YOU KNOW and though we don't know Churchill since Peachy was born too late, we do know Andrew Roberts which is next best in 2019 going forward!  Everyone, British and Americans alike, and anyone that is a global citizen of the law-abiding educated winning free world should have a comprehensive appreciation and adoring love for Winston Churchill.
If you don't yet, you will.
Read This.
It's the best biography written on Churchill in the history of the world.

If you think we haven't published as much as usual, it's because Peachy was reading this which tipped the scales at about 1,000 comprehensive pages, easily the longest book we've read this year and probably second ever to Follett's Edge of Eternity which is more, quantitatively speaking.  Don't skip any pages, because you'd only be cheating yourself.  Of course, it is all expertly in chronological order by Roberts which is exactly how we like it.

Churchill as a person and historical figure has been tremendously influential in American history; JFK was inspired by him in his written word and Churchill's words were the first that Giuliani turned to in leading New York after 9/11.  If that's not enough for you, by the way, he's half American.  As you turn the pages you'll see that not only Churchill but also Roberts makes quite a lot of sense in a most endearing manner.

Top Ten Reasons Why You Must Read Andrew's Churchill:

1. His personality.  Churchill is endlessly entertaining with a vast sense of Carpe Diem.

2. The Queen made the Royal Archives available for the first time ever: Roberts is the "first Churchill biographer to be given unfettered access to the whole of her late father King George VI's wartime diaries."   Churchill identified the Queen as a character at her age 2 (p. 332)

3. Churchill has a high appreciation for the English language.  You do too, or you wouldn't be here.

4. He's an aristocrat but not a snob; his social circle is wide.

5. His military intelligence including code-breaking and spurring on the Tank is sensational; military history is largely ignored by institutions of higher education in favor of softer issue history which we totally disagree with.  We loved reading about his battleships (p.158) and smart oil negotiations (p. 59).  In Part One The Preparation what Churchill predicts with crocodiles (p. 480-481) is particularly notable.  He was pro-aircraft and pro-steel (p. 530).

6. Did you know Churchill was into the silver screen and wrote film scripts, all of which seem to be unpublished?!  Business opportunity!  (We're talking to you, Clint Eastwood. p. 330).  Churchill particularly liked the aggression of gangster films therefore, we think he'd also like NHL Peachy

7. You can read about ancestors of people we've featured
George Lansbury: Angela
Violet and Maurice Bonham Carter: Helena
Dunkirk (p. 548):

8. His high appreciation for words/oratory (p.49) and did you know in 1908 he made 96 speeches (p. 126).  And P.S. Lord Crawford, history has shown us that tact is overrated (p. 485.)  Churchill's word choice is spectacular; he published 6.1 million words in 37 books: more than Shakespeare and Dickens combined (p. 972.)

9. Churchill loves Capitalism and the Free World.  His total sense of command ensured this for us today and his hatred of extremism which he completely acted upon is legendary.

10. His beautiful friendship with FDR: Roberts chronicles this so well.  Did you know that Churchill lived in the White House for three weeks? (Rose Bedroom)  Do not miss Churchill's memorial speech on FDR on p. 872.

This could not be more well-organized and well-documented and as you leaf through particularly the start and the end, it is hugely obvious that Andrew Roberts has sufficiently evidenced his Churchill passion.  We also commend the highly detailed family tree at the start, as well as the maps that elucidate much for geographically-challenged people like Peachy.  The collection of photographs and paintings is essential and puts this entire work in further bloom.

Personally, Churchill is a winner.  His clearcut stop-at-nothing passion for life, impermeable reaction to criticism and tremendous sense of self and patriotism to England make us love him.  Like George W. Bush, Churchill is a painter and we agree with him on browns (p.222).

You'll lament that you weren't there when Twain introduced Churchill in New York.  (p. 78)  His hobnobbing in later years is admirable from homes in the Riviera built for Coco Chanel to Onassis's yacht, The Christina.  This book also makes an excellent gift however Santa, please note the stocking would have to be pretty sizable to put it in there.

Every student of history knows that history repeats itself; you'll find what Churchill says about the "modern Taliban" (p. 52) of interest.  We only saw two grammar errors which in 1,000 pages is quite a high percentage of accuracy. (p. 79 should be Fewer not Less...Years is plural; same p. 207 for plural lives: both were words of Churchill.)

Also of note for Manhattan in particular: Churchill once was at Lenox Hill because he was hit by a cab for looking the wrong way when crossing the street in Manhattan!  (p. 359)  Read his own words:

Finally, Churchill, if you are reading up there and we think you very well could be, you will be thrilled to see we've reviewed over 2K personal products (Churchill was committed to cleanliness and his tub, much like Peachy), and if you feel like coming back to life, The Peachy Deegan cocktail is going to be relaunched and we would love to see you there.  We also would like to see you race at Daytona, Churchill (p. 322) and your idea of the Sterling-Dollar should be put in place by our respective current leaders after you sort out Brexit. (p. 374).

Remember, UK, who your best friend is (USA!).  And America, get cracking on your British history with Andrew Roberts: ACTION THIS DAY AND READ THIS.

Churchill: Walking with Destiny by Andrew Roberts is Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.  Stay tuned, you may be hearing more from him soon...


The only biography of Churchill to make use of the major new source material. 

Since the last major biography of Churchill, over 40 collections of private papers of those who worked with him have been deposited at the Churchill Archive. Andrew Roberts is the first biographer to have used not only these, but also King George VI's private diaries detailing their meetings, as well as many other new sources – such as the verbatim accounts of War Cabinet meetings – to present a totally fresh view of the man who towers over the twentieth-century. The result is a goldmine of revelations showing Churchill as we've never seen him before, in all his complexity. 

Andrew Roberts is a biographer and historian of international renown. His previous book was Napoleon the Great (2014), and his next will be Leadership in War: Lessons from Those Who Made History, publishing this November 2019. 

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