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Monday, December 16, 2019

#TerrificTakeout #OathPizza #UpperEastSide #East67th #MuffledTrushroom #WhomYouKnow @oathpizza East 67th Street #Manhattan Oath #Pizza Fall 2019 Oath Pizza Is the Perfect Pick-Me-Up in the Holiday Bustle!

The triumphant Muffled Trushroom still reigns supreme!
Leave it out for Santa.
 It's not who you know, it's WHOM YOU KNOW and we know Oath Pizza.  They are a refreshing addition to the Manhattan pizza scene, straight from Nantucket.
This isn't their first time to the Rodeo.
We last visited the Upper East Side last spring:
The hustle and bustle of the holiday season we suspect may be strongest in Manhattan and doesn't looking at the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree make you hungry!?  Oath is quick, delicious and nutritious to brighten your season and your palate.
The team at Oath is polite and professional and you'll see it is a pleasure to work with them.
Maria we missed you this time! 
 We consider salads an essential part of the pizza experience, and Oath has consistently demonstrated that they have fresh and interesting salads, though we are hoping they develop more options.  Right now there are two choices and both are good ones!  Meet the Caesar Salad, above.  Romaine, grana padano cheese, house-made croutons, and caesar dressing comprise the base salad and we suggest you add chicken, as we did.  Spectacular! This hits the spot. 
 Even better is the Greek Salad.
The bright, colorful, nutritious elements of this masterpiece really wow us.
Romaine, grape tomatoes, red onions, kalamata olives, green peppers, banana peppers and feta combine to form a symphony of flavors that will wake up your palate and give you the right burst of energy for the next shopping target.  You can add chicken; we did not but maybe we will next time. 
 Oh how we love Petunia and Porky Pig!  Of course they are WB cartoons, and in their quest to name pizza with pizazz, Oath named this hot new number PORKY FIG.
It is a decadent mix of mozzarella, creme de brie, smoked bacon, black mission figs: which especially are great in fall, balsamic drizzle and fresh basil.  Delicious and ferociously fall-flavored, this newcomer to the menu is fantastic.
In our humble opinion, Muffled Trushroom cannot be beat.
It is the best single performer at every Oath visit so far and we even dream about it.
You'll remember it's comprised of a house-made truffle spread, mozzarella, mushrooms, ricotta and grand padano cheese.  This genius combination yields exquisite flavor and combined with freshness, it triumphs over many other pizzas!
 There is a Build-Your-Own-Selfie option that we tried for the first time: 
Sauce: tomato
Cheeses: mozzarella and ricotta
Veggies: Red Onions, Grape Tomatoes, Baby Spinach, Roasted Garlic
Garnishes and Drizzles: Fresh Basil and Grana Padano Cheese
Spectacular!  Sensational!  Endless options and we really love the menu organization.
We can't wait to try this again.

Oath Pizza on the Upper East Side is still Terrific Takeout!

Man-in-charge: Zabriel Melendez, above and team!

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