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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

#TerrificTakeout #PeachysPicks #PeachyDeegan @ManhattanPeachy #Primola by #GiulianoZuliani and #SamuelMorocho A Peachy's Pick Since 2012, Primola Since 1986 Fall 2020

Not to be ignored is one of Peachy Deegan's favorites: Primola's Black and White Taglierini
Primola is still perfection.
We don't have to tell you why we have not featured restaurants as we normally would in 2020.
What you should know is that going forward, we are only going to feature those that we feel will be winning going forward and are going to make it through this crime, political and health crisis that Manhattan is unfortunately experiencing.  Since we started in 2009 we have been strong supporters of business owners and they have never had a harder time than they are having now.  Better days are ahead but they are here NOW if you know where to eat!  Support small businesses and remember them when you vote: it's essential to their survival.
Primola continues to be classic perfection at its finest and it is the most welcome beacon of positivity to see that some things do not change: note the crudites and charcuterie that greet you along with the essential Italian bread and breadsticks.  If we could hug a plate we would in this circumstance.  So much has changed yet this remains the same in the Primola pursuit of excellence.
Of course you'll opt for a salad under "Insalate e Verdure" and the chopped Insalata Speciale Primola ignites your appetite with its bevy of nutrition: roasted peppers, tomato, asparagus, rugola, radicchio, endive and stringbeans all gorgeously dressed in a light vinaigrette.  Yes Primola is on the super short list of venues we trust to apply our salad dressing. (Normally we like it on the side.)  Note we never edit pictures.  You are as committed to quality as Giuliano is or you are not featured, especially now!
When you are at Primola you will hear the lovely ambient buzz of the upper echelons of the Upper East Side society with the most discriminating taste in town that pleasantly punctuates the silence.
Primola was last featured a year ago:
For appetizers, we chose a special above: Octopus carpacccio with arugula and avocado.
The luxury of thin slices of the eight-legged creature was accentuated by these green delights, and also not to miss is a standard antipasti, below: Mozzarella, Prosciutto, Endive e Pomodoro.
As the weather gets chillier this will warm you up immediately with its contrasting flavors of goodness.
And did we ever miss this next classic favorite:
This is easily the best Pasta we have had in 2020.
Make it yours: decadent little shrimps perfectly punctuate the delightful strands of black and white joined by fresh tomato and seppia.  Every bite will bring you back to the days before March 2019 and we could not more strongly recommend this dish.  We have had it many times and it only gets better and better, thus earning high marks for consistency.
If you are in a more carnivorous mood, we suggest if this special is available when you visit that your order the homemade lasagnette that luxuriates in a tremendously flavorful veal ragu sauce.  Every bite will be a celebration of hearty excellence that is achieved only by the very best.  Also note that as always Primola is super clean and is adhering to all guidelines that we are aware of: staff is masked although of course you are not as you are eating.  
You'll be enchanted with the ambrosial Petto di Pollo Alba: breasts of chicken with truffes and fontina cheese.  This entree menu favorite is divine as ever and every bite will make you feel like you are on vacation on Second Avenue.  A compelling choice!
From every angle, the special of Filet of Sole with white wine caper sauce is sublime in its wonderous seafood splendor.  The flavor transcends its lightness and perhaps if you are counting your calories this optimal choice ensures that your favorite cocktail dresses still fit!
Primola continues to be Highly Recommended!
We love it here!
Giuliano is very old school and we have yet to convince him to have a website or Twitter but maybe someday!
1226 2nd Avenue # 1 New York, NY 10065 
Contact: (212) 758-1775

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