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Friday, July 30, 2021

A Peachy's Pick Since 2012 and #Best #Spanish #Restaurant in #Manhattan, El Pote Espanol #ElPote #ElPoteEspanol @elPoteEspanol Since 1977 by New Owners Nicolas Ahuatl and Juan Costa Summer 2021 #WhomYouKnow #PeachysPicks @ManhattanPeachy #PeachyDeegan

El Pote Owner Nicolas Ahuatl with the Paella Vegatarina and the Entrecote!
There is gaspacho, and then there is gaspacho at El Pote.  In the wide world of fine dining, the gaspacho at El Pote belts authenticity from the rafters and wins the gold medal in the Olympics of Peachy's stomach.  Brilliantly orange-red colored by fabulous tomatoes, the gaspacho cold spanish soup is beautifully blended with onion, cucumber, black pepper and green and red bell pepper amounting to a tantalizing splash of savory to brighten your summer.  The soup selection at El Pote is among the strongest in the city for quality, and the Sopa de Ajo below remains Peachy's favorite: you have not lived until you've had El Pote's garlic soup.  Also in this new age of the Delta variant, garlic is excellent for your immune system.
Nothing like calamari glamour shots to up your Friday!
A brand new special which has earned our vote for a permanent place on the dinner menu is the Sauteed Calamari we were surprised with by El Pote.  A new creation, the Sauteed Calamari boasts amazing calamari that is perfect for a summer day and makes its debut with garlic and potatoes!  Also do not miss the signature Rioja by El Pote that has tremendous versatility and accentuates your entire meal with flair.
El Pote was last featured this past spring:
Next in the batting order meet another all-time favorite, Gambas al Ajillo: shrimp in garlic sauce.  This is an absolutely auspicious beginning to your El Pote experience and you will bask in the sublime supremacy of the tantalizing little shrimps that welcome you to your table, which right now we suggest should be in their amazing new backyard.
We always feature a green salad at a review and the Mango Avocado salad, always available at all meals, is fresh and sets a high level of aesthetic precedence for its competitors in its beauty.  Don't only love it because it's beautiful: it's delicious of course with mango and avocado, two stars of summer, and of course the usual suspects of salad like greens and halved cherry tomatoes.
We don't need to tell you it has been a horrible year and a half for restaurants, particularly in oppressive New York.  But what do the very best do during times of trouble?  They reinvent and get even better.  To that end, meet Paella Vegetariana.  Peachy Deegan thought she had had every spectacular version of paella they made at El Pote, but she was wrong and as this is brand new; perhaps you have not had it either.  Vegans and Vegetarians, this has your name all over it!  Just as delicious as other versions of El Pote Paella, the nutritious vegetarian number is composed of carrots, mushrooms, zucchini, red bell pepper, artichoke, asparagus, broccoli and green bell pepper.  In this dish alone you are getting in the vast majority of your vegetables for the day!  Note there is no fish broth, no chicken broth and just plenty of vegetables.  Bursting with color and flavor, this dish will brighten your dining experience tremendously and you will feel great about eating it.
El Pote also has beer from Galicia!  Of course you know Galicia is in Northern Spain.
Also note everyone here is vaccinated.
Though Peachy adores vegetables, she also adores Entrecote!
From every angle, the sirloin steak is devastatingly delicious.  Executed at a perfect medium rare as we requested, this carnivorous delight to us is the epitome of dinner and is joined by a delightful creamed spinach.  A staple of the menu, the Entrecote and Peachy are always thrilled to meet each other again.
Undoubtedly the star of the show was the Mariscada, a splendorous seafood amalgamation in green sauce that even has the option of adding lobster which of course you will say yes please to.  The scallops, the clams, the mussels, the shrimp and of course the well-played yellow Spanish rice to go with it make this a dream dinner.
You will feel like you are under the sea in this festive seafood dish that shows how masterful the kitchen of El Pote really is: note we have been reviewing them since 2012 but they have been OPEN since 1977 continuously.  As you recall from past reviews Nicolas has been there since the early 1990s and it was opened by two dear Galician immigrants which spelled authenticity from the start.  

Vieiras Gallega: Scallops Galician style are defined by the luxurious bechamel sauce that punctuates their sheer genius bringing your tastebuds to an ambrosial level.  Onions and mushrooms come to this decadent soiree on a plate.  
This is the late Enrique Torres, one of the original two founders of El Pote, previously featured many times:
This next dish is named after him!  Meet Steak al Enrique below: a mini steak with two fried eggs and homemade potato.  It absolutely hits the spot.
Finally, do not miss their BRAND NEW WEBSITE below!

El Pote continues to Earn Our Highest Recommendation.

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