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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

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Once upon a time there was a girl that grew up outside of Hartford and if she did her homework and got good grades and behaved, she got to go to the hockey games.  ALL the hockey games.  Her two favorite moments in Mark Messier history are when the Hartford Whalers beat the Oilers 11-0 and the 1994 Stanley Cup parade where she travelled to Manhattan.  And guess who we're talking about...she knows more about hockey than anything!  It's no accident we review shopping and restaurants because the Whalers played in a mall and what do you think she did before the game started...see Risto on page 91 he was one of the team then.

One of the first points Messier makes about New York in this book is that when one achieves something here, people are not afraid to share their appreciation; Mark: consider this review our appreciation.  And of course we agree: winning is not an accident.  Note to New Yorkers: Messier likes the Museum of Natural History: Mark please check out Peachy's Instagram where she brought her whale named GORDIE to the whale there when she was vaccinated and we bet you know WHY he is named Gordie.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Mark Messier is contained in these pages and from hockey to life beyond, it is all both thoughtful and entertaining.  From his early Canadian beginnings to his wickedly fun vacations to of course the most important part, the time he lived in Manhattan (he and the great Brian Leetch (even greater as he is from Connecticut and went to Avon Old Farms and Boston College and you can't beat that) were the only Manhattan residents on the team of their time) and he lived on West 57th. 

He is right on on page six proclaiming that:
"Playing in New York is a rush that's near impossible to describe: the manic energy and the limitless possibilities; the worship of excellence (SEE HE MUST BE READING WE HAVE SPENT 26,000 PLUS POSTS ON THIS IDEA) and intolerance of failure."

We love Messier's commitment to hard work and not cutting corners.  His clarity in philosophy is terrific to read throughout and he gives clear lessons to all.  The universal nature of his ideas make this appealing to everyone but especially to those that love hockey, and if you don't love hockey there is something wrong with you!  Maybe you just don't love it YET.

Messier has levity and humor and tells a good bear/rabbit joke on page 196.  We love that he listens to Tina Turner too (p. 135) and remember we also reviewed her book.  
We love that he thinks for himself. (p. 180)  He uses whom correctly here too.

The pictures in the center are fabulous and we remember the 1986 all star game in Hartford!

Finally, do not miss his Halloween outfit description from when he lived in New York on page 265.

No One Wins Alone by Mark Messier is Highly Recommended by Whom You Know!

In NO ONE WINS ALONE (Gallery Books; Hardcover; $28.00; on-sale October 26, 2021), Hockey Hall of Fame legend Mark Messier tells of his inspiring journey to becoming one of the most accomplished athletes in sports history, and the lessons about leadership and teamwork that defined his career. Messier shares never-been-told stories about his upbringing and close-knit family; entering the NHL as an eighteen-year-old with a wild side; his friendships with Wayne Gretzky, Brian Leetch, Mike Richter, and other great Oilers and Rangers teammates; and his insights about success, winning cultures, and how leaders can help teams overcome challenges.

In NO ONE WINS ALONE Messier recounts:
How playing junior hockey with his father as his coach and mentor, and often playing above his age and skill level, shaped his start in the sport.
Maturing from a brash, motorcycle-riding, party-loving rookie into one of the sport’s most disciplined players after being sent down to the minor league after a missed flight and seeing how hard it was for his brother to return to the NHL from the minors.
How a vacation to Barbados and an experience with magic mushrooms sparked an understanding that he could train his mind to help his body do extraordinary things.
How focusing on culture, chemistry, and inclusion on the Edmonton Oilers led to the team winning five Stanley Cup championships.
How much grit and hard work it really took to bring the New York Rangers together for their first championship victory in over fifty years.

MARK MESSIER: A 15-time All-Star, Messier played in the NHL for twenty-five years, won six Stanley Cups—five with the Oilers and one with the Rangers—and is the only player to have captained two NHL franchises to championships. He is second on the all-time career lists for playoff points and third for regular season games played and regular season points. In 2007 he was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame, in his first year of eligibility. That same year, the NHL instituted the Mark Messier Leadership Award, given annually to the player who exemplifies great leadership qualities on and off the ice. Mark lives in New York and joined ESPN as an NHL studio analyst with the 2021-22 season.

JIMMY ROBERTS: Roberts has worked in sports and news journalism for four decades at ABC, ESPN, and NBC and has been the recipient of thirteen Emmy Awards. He is also the author of Breaking The Slump.

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