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Monday, April 25, 2022

#PeachysPicks #Manhattan #TerrificTakeout #OldTown #OldTownBar #OldTownRestaurant #WhomYouKnow #PeachyDeegan @ManhattanPeachy A Peachy's Pick Since 2015, Old Town Bar & Restaurant Est. 1892 by Gerard Meagher and the Meagher Family Spring 2022

Their famous cheeseburger! Loved by both Mayor Mike and Peachy Deegan seen here dressed in Muenster
Burger perfection awaits you at Old Town, and if you are new to us you should know we never edit pictures.  The burger is their specialty, and it was perfectly medium rare as we ordered and presented on a soft sesame seed bun with lettuce, tomato and onion reaching heights of deliciousness that only Old Town can do with burgers.  Gerard and his family have kept up the long tradition of excellence at Old Town which has been going since 1892, and burgers and beer are their staples!  Words do not properly address the superlative quality of each and the turnover and demand is tremendous.   Is Peachy's mouth that big?  Maybe her Twitter mouth is.
On a cloudy day in Manhattan like today, this combination is the sun coming out from behind the clouds just like the smile of Gerard Meagher who takes sincere care and pride in all that he and his super team accomplish at one of the city's historic crown jewel restaurants.  What do you do with an American History B.A. from Boston College?  You meet cool restaurant owners like Gerard who understands the #EvertoExcel mission because he is also Jesuit-educated, at Fordham!
Old Town goes through a lot of Guinness: kegs are changed daily, because of its popularity at the bar and lines are cleaned regularly.  There are six lines of beer currently at Old Town.
We could not be happier to tell you that they are completely back to normal and their classic fare is just the ticket for local residents and tourists alike, not to mention The Discovery Network which has moved into the building behind them.
A Peachy's Pick since 2015Old Town was last featured in 2019, and we know why an awful lot of places were not featured in the last couple of years!  The truth is that Peachy Deegan in her life never liked chili, until she had THIS CHILI.  It will change your life.  Along with the Guinness and Burger, it is an Old Town essential.  From every angle it is enticing and absolutely hits the spot.
If you are a fan of liverwurst and we do like it, you are in for a treat here as it is the best liverwurst sandwich we've had!  All cold sandwiches come with lettuce and tomato and muenster cheese comes to the party with red onion on rye bread here, achieving classic excellence in every bite.  As the days heat up, these cold sandwiches are going to taste better and better!
There are six sensational salad choices at Old Town and the House Salad is a must to accompany any meal.  Packed with essential nutrition and the freshest vegetables, the Old Town House Salad also intelligently applies salad dressing where they "sprinkle, but don't pour it on!" Gerard says.  We opt for the sublime Creamy Garlic and Cracked Peppercorn and surmise you might covet it as well.
If you are watching your waistline because you know bikini season is coming, may we suggest the Broiled Chicken Breast.  Served on a toasted Kaiser Roll with lettuce, red onion and garlic mayonnaise, this majestic Chicken Sandwich also boasts bacon (live a little, swimsuits are elastic!) and amazing garlic mayonnaise is thoughtfully on side stepping it up that much more.
Finally, the Cobb Salad is a fantastic choice if you are looking for a salad as a meal.  Alfalfa, Avocado, Olives, Egg and Bacon all combine for a party on a plate on a bed of mixed greens and this dance of nutritional benefits goes well with the tunes in the background at Old Town which are perfectly ambient and absolutely our kind of music.
Finally, Gerard tells us that the top-selling appetizer at Old Town is Sergio's Famous Guacamole and Chips.  Peachy Deegan was actually eating it during the Blacklist last Friday night and obviously had no idea of the storyline but we suggest you order these and watch it too and see our Twitter friend Amir Arison's avocado experience.  The chips were perfectly crisp and the guac was tastefully appointed.

Old Town Bar and Restaurant by the Meagher family continues to be Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.

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