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Wednesday, August 24, 2022

#PeachysPicks #TerrificTakeout #TheConsulate @theconsulatenyc A Peachy's Pick Since 2021 #Summer2022 #UpperWestSide by #KirilMihajlov #MetodijaMihajlov #MiljanKomnenic #IgorDrca

Owner Kiril Mihajlov with the Korean BBQ Steak and Bordeaux
It's not who you know it's WHOM YOU KNOW and we know Kiril Mihajlov and his identical twin brother Metodija.  In fact, they possess one of the most unique meetings in our history as literally Peachy was walking down the street with her gigantic stuffed whale Gordie when she met them and their restaurant literally after she had her second shot at the whale at the Museum of Natural History.  She thought she was seeing double and she was.
The Consulate continues to be one of the brightest lights of discovery during covid and they are not resting on their laurels at all.  This is our third visit and this fall they'll celebrate their 3rd anniversary.  They opened in November 2019.
First they were featured in Terrific Takeout last summer in their Inaugural Review:
And they graduated to Peachy's Picks last fall:
The decor is fabulous and we love their American flag.
Sometimes we learn new tricks and Kiril showed us one: TOAST.
When she picked out what she wanted to try he literally toasted the order in.
Yes, they are on the cutting edge at The Consulate.
We'll have to look into Toast and we hope we can have rye.
We are very into salads here especially at the height of summer!  The Caesar Salad boasts super fresh romaine and is appropriately waltzing in house Caesar dressing, which we liked.  This is one kind of salad we would want dressed if we trust you and have been there before.  Usually Peachy almost never likes anyone's salad dressing but she likes the Caesar dressing here.  Aged parmesan and torn croutons authenticate the experience.
Brussels and Kale Salad is a double vegetable whammy!  Tuscan kale, green apple, and pecorino cheese stylishly arrive in a bowl making eating healthy beautiful.  Less is more and we reveled in the simplicity in perfect proportion.
Say cheers (NAZDRAVJE) to the Short Rib Cavatelli!  This is by far the best dish at The Consulate and we cannot say enough about it: it keeps getting better and better.  The first time we had it they recommended it and we rolled our eyes to ourself because we thought it would be way too heavy for summer.  No it is not.  It is perfection.  Listen to smart owners.  It's even better when you are freezing in the winter like we were the last visit!  The dill on top is really like the cherry on top and we are huge huge huge fans of dill.  Braised short rib will melt in your mouth and you'll be totally tantalized.  The cavatelli is perfectly al dente and the sheep's ricotta is heavenly, melting in your mouth.  You cannot pass go and collect $200 on the Manhattan dining monopoly board without trying this dish.
So, how are the sides?
They are exactly what we are looking for.
Grilled broccolini is festive and fresh for summer and the fragrant preserved lemon is a nice touch.  It's like the vegetable putting its pinky out.  Crispy maitake mushrooms are innovative and crunchy, further enhanced with harissa aioli.  And we adore the garlic in the traditional creamed spinach, surprisingly light for summer and just right for Goldilocks Peachy.
Perfectly medium rare as requested by Peachy 
We are huge fans of the carnivorous endeavors in the culinary sphere and to that end we are trying a third different steak on our third visit.  Meet the Korean BBQ Steak!  Joined by a brilliant Bordeaux, the Grilled Bohemian Cut was executed at a perfect medium rare as requested and we reveled in its juicy deliciousness that was nicely set off by sesame pickled cucumbers.  It is just as good as any steakhouse steak and the French Modern American cuisine is done so well by Executive Chef Alan Vargas, whom we met this visit.
Finally, every great Manhattan restaurant has a great burger and the Consulate does.
An 8oz burger is joined by our most favorite part: CARAMELIZED ONIONS, lettuce and tomatoes on a brioche bun.  Pickles also join the party and the FRENCH FRIES ARE SUPERLATIVE!!! It automatically comes with goat cheese but if you are not a fan of that like Peachy we suggest you order Cheddar which is fantastic.

The Consulate continues to be Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.
These guys have another trick up their sleeve that we can't wait to tell you about!
Stay tuned.

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