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Monday, April 10, 2023

A recent study finds Texans overwhelmingly support fair sales policy for ready-to-drink spirits

A statewide study finds that voters in Texas overwhelmingly support more equitable rules about where adults can purchase ready-to-drink spirit coolers.

According to the results from the survey conducted by Public Opinion Strategies, 75% of Texans support a proposal to change the law to let licensed retailers sell ready-to-drink spirit coolers at the same places as beer, wine and hard seltzers, with 70% feeling strongly enough about the issue to be willing to participate at the ballot box to ensure it happens.

The study found Texans value choice and convenience and say laws need to keep up with new product development. Further, the vast majority of Texans surveyed said they favor less government regulation of businesses, which includes allowing individual licensed retailers to make their own decisions about products to stock to best serve their customers.

Next steps at hand include the Texas legislature passing House Bill 2200 sponsored by Representative Holland and Senate Bill 1288 sponsored by Senator Hancock reflecting constituent interests in sensible, convenient consumer policies toward sale of ready-to-drink spirit coolers, as well as a ballot measure put directly in front of voters within a specific city or county to decide where ready-to-drink spirit coolers can be sold. Two-thirds of adults surveyed said they would sign a petition to create the ballot measure.

"In today's polarized politics, it is rare to find issues that have support across partisanship," Micah Roberts, Partner at Public Opinion Strategies said. "In Texas, there is consistent robust support for sensible sales policies with more than 70% of Republicans, Democrats and Independents supporting the policy. Additionally, 71% of Christian Texans support this policy, including 64% of self-identified Evangelical Christians."

Ultimately, a combination of individual preference, convenience, and a willingness to let individual local business owners serve their customers how they know best drove the overwhelming support for sensible change to current policies that don't make sense to consumers and voters.

"The overwhelming support for allowing the sale of ready-to-drink spirit coolers in the same retail locations as beer and wine is reflected in this survey," Paul Hardin from the Texas Food and Fuel Association said. "Texans value convenience and choice, and they want their voices to be heard on this issue. We urge the Texas Legislature to take note of the poll results and work towards passing legislation that reflects the will of Texas voters and promotes a fair sales policy for ready-to-drink spirit coolers."

About Public Opinion Strategies

Public Opinion Strategies is one of the nation's leading public opinion research firms specializing in political, public affairs, public policy and corporate positioning research. With roots in political campaign management, POS research is focused on producing data that compels decisions – to get results. Learn more at The survey referenced was conducted from November 1-7, 2022, over the phone among N=800 registered voters (MoE ­+3.46%). Eighty-five percent (85%) of interviews were conducted with voters on a cell phone. Micah Roberts and Nicole McCleskey were the principal researchers on this project.

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