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Monday, April 10, 2023

#Daylight #CruisingPeachy @NYAutoShow New York International Automobile Show 2023 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center from April 7-16 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BY #PEACHYDEEGAN @MANHATTANPEACHY


Of course, we liked the Corvette area the best and we do hope you are following @CorvetteRacing on Twitter!  The mid-engine C8 is the best thing to happen to the car universe since 1953.  Not that we were alive in 1953...

We did not see any Zora Duntov's of today there, so in the meantime Peachy posed for some Chevy comics.  See if you can find her:

Of all of the brands and their displays, Toyota was the most fun this year with their sporty theme and their Pocono drives with Blaine Boyd!

Yes Peachy hit 186 mph which is the record-she tied it. Check out the Peachy New Balance sneaks.

Look at Peachy swim! 
We like the Ford bear:
Nissan had the best coffee and the best barista was Zion Wright:
Obviously Peachy was not hitting the speed record at the Toyota drive above without the cappuccino. Not everyone realizes we review cars and food.
However, to really review a car, we need to see it on the road so all of the dealerships have been contacted and you will be kept apprised of the positive reviews in Cruising Peachy!  They all looked nice: brand-new and sparkling clean!  But how do they drive and what are the stats?  We shall try to find out for you.
Look Ben Affleck and Phil Knight!
We found one for you.  PURPLE!
Everyone else read:
#MovietimeInManhattan @AmazonStudios #AirMovie @AirMovie @BenAffleck Earns Our Highest Recommendation Says @ManhattanPeachy #PeachyDeegan #WhomYouKnow
For Grampy and Joe Lisi!!!  Check out the Marines:
The annual automobile spectacular is doubling its electrification effort with an expanded multi-brand Electric Vehicle Test Track with more vehicles, industry participation, sponsors, and more elaborate automaker EV tracks on Level 3.

This year’s Show also includes more OEM and specially curated displays and an even bigger aftermarket showcase called 'Never Ride Stock' featuring the biggest names in the specialty equipment industry, the latest custom vehicle trends, and some of the most extreme tuner cars.

The New York Auto Show is also where the business of the industry gets done and the uniquely important 2023 New York Auto Show includes the nation's leading industry events during its Press Preview days. Kick-starting the week, the Automotive Forum - created by J.D. Power, the National Automobile Dealers Association, and the New York Auto Show— returns with the biggest names in the industry on April 4. The exceptional World Car Awards - the #1 automotive awards program in the world, returns with its unique program designed to celebrate the best of the best that the auto industry has to offer on a uniquely global scale.

The prominent World Traffic Safety Symposium also returns with a program more important than ever as traffic fatalities continue to rise in the U.S. The Media Post Automotive Advertising Conference -- the largest and most influential media, marketing, and advertising online site -- will return with an increased lineup of speakers and programs to round out the lineup of exciting and important 2023 industry events and symposiums.


With over 80,000 attendee rides through multiple indoor and outdoor tracks last year, the spring Show will increase opportunities for OEMs to engage with consumers. Chevrolet, Nissan, Kia, VinFast, INDI, VW, and Volkswagen knocked it out of the park last year at the Show’s multi-brand Electric Vehicle Test Track. Thanks to the exceptional success of the brands taking part, the 2023 Show is growing its electric vehicle presence with more new vehicles, industry participants, sponsors and an even larger track.

“The NYIAS EV Test Track was instrumental in providing consumers an opportunity to experience EVs first-hand and a survey by J.D Power revealed that nearly 4 out of every 10 of our test track participants had no prior EV exposure and that’s why we are doubling our efforts this year,” said Mark Schienberg, president of the New York International Automobile Show.

“Auto Shows are a fundamental component of every car company wanting to influence buyer behavior. No other event can create this volume of direct vehicle contact and brand awareness,” said Schienberg.

J.D. Power interviewed more than one hundred EV test track participants and found that simply riding in an EV increased purchase consideration for 7 out of every 10 participants. For some, the lift was even greater. The data also showed the positive impact of EV exposure on purchase/lease consideration, with 7 out of 10 EV Test Track participants saying that they are now more likely to consider purchasing or leasing a battery electric vehicle based on their event experience.

With nearly a million square feet of exhibit space on four different levels, the New York Auto Show is a unique marketing event that continues to draw unprecedented numbers of car buyers from the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut metro area, as it has done since 1900.

The 2022 Show beat all expectations with a bold event that was bigger and more innovative than ever. CLICK HERE for the 2022 SNAPSHOT Report.


The New York International Automobile Show delivers critical information to potential car buyers, supports brand discovery, drives vehicle purchasing and opens consumers to new makes and models using sophisticated displays and experiential marketing. It is an awesome combination of new ideas, technological innovation, exceptional concept cars and hundreds of the latest new cars and trucks.

Innovating since 1900, North America's oldest and largest attended auto show is the best place to research a new car and has welcomed millions of car buyers through its doors to experience everything that the automobile industry has to offer ever since. It is the one place where the information is comprehensive and engaging and where new technology can be explained and explored freely.

Take a look at the fascinating history of the New York Auto Show here.

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