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Thursday, September 21, 2023

#PeachysPicks #Delmonicos @DelmonicosNewYork Summer 2023 by Owner Dennis Turcinovic and Team 187 Years of Culinary Excellence Since 1837 The Original Delmonico's A Peachy's Pick Since 2012 A Wildly Successful Reopening! 56 Beaver St., New York, New York America's First Fine Dining Establishment

Our Signature Delmonico Steak, Perfectly Medium Rare, Sets the Standard for Fine Dining Worldwide
Lobster Newburg
Dressed Oysters
Baked Alaska
Owner Dennis Turcinovic on his first Whom You Know Review in 2012!
Restaurants come and go and "influencers" come and go, but we know Delmonico's is here to stay and we hope we are too.
Fortunately, Peachy Deegan is not that old, and for everyone that has asked us what one does with a B.A. degree in American History from Boston College, here's our answer: you eat at Delmonico's.  It's not only us that have been super excited for this reopening: watch them ring the opening bell at the NYSE on August 11th Goooooo Dennis and team!
We believe they are the only restaurant we have ever reviewed to ring the bell at all ever.

Delmonico's is owned by Dennis Turcinovic, Max Tucci, Joe Licul and Darko Matosic.
When you arrive, the brilliant entryway announces to you visually that you have made it in life.
Mover and Shaker Peg Breen will tell you we LOVE LANDMARKS!!!
Obviously, they have earned an "A" and we foresee another hit in Chandelier Peachy:
This is what your smile will look like when you open the menu:
Every last detail of your entire Delmonico's experience is gorgeous right down to the beautiful whipped butter:
Every aspect of the service at Delmonico's is like a well-oiled machine and testament to its storied history.  Captain Branko Vinski brought Peachy's chosen first choice which was an ideal opening, a lovely Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon blend: 
2016 Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte 'Les Hauts de Smith'
Pessac-Leognan, France
Bien sur mes amis, Peachy gravitates towards rich reds and in case you haven't read our 28,000 other posts you know French is our second language.
An essential start, these Dressed Oysters are absolutely dressed to the nines and should be the start of anyone's fashion week, maybe for the past 187 years.  The innovative flavor was in sharp contrast to the classic history and we loved it: Passionfruit Mignonette, Champagne Gelee and Ossetra Caviar ensured a smashing start to our Delmonico's return and it goes without saying that they were the ultimate in fresh and the best oysters we have had anywhere in 2023.  Avid readers know a salad is a total must for us, and the Caesar Salad at Delmonico's was triumphant in its rendition complete with Little Gem, Aged Parmesean, Chives, Anchovy and Myung Ran Dressing.  Yes, this is one place on an extremely short list of places that we trust to apply salad dressing properly.
Everyone loves Bacon, and you will adore the Caramelized Smoked Bacon accentuated with Tonic 01 Foie Maple Syrup, the final decadent appetizer of this experience.  The depth of flavor is a theme evident among all the dishes we tried, and we love the personalized steak knives!
Server Mikita Rudnikevich presented us with the next wine we chose to go with our seafood.
There's only one Delmonico's and there's only one LOBSTER NEWBURG.
Yes, it was invented here, and it comes with a side of spaetzle.  Cognac, Tarragon and Lobster Coral are an entire celebration on a plate and the pure decadence of the sea in its sublime freshness with exquisite flavor will be a celebratory symphony of culinary excellence on your palate.  Your ancestors upstairs reading will smile at you because they ate it too.  Of everything we ate, this had the shortest lifespan in front of Peachy and it was perfection with the Italian white.
Their Signature Delmonico Steak, between the Sirloin and Ribeye we are told, in all its decadence was superlatively executed at a perfect medium rare as requested.  Sourced from Brandt Family Farms in California, this carnivorous wonder demonstrated great marbling and super texture.  It sets the standard for all steak houses anywhere and Delmonico's went above the call of duty and made Bernaise sauce (Peachy's favorite for steak) with Anise Tarragon and Red Wine Vinegar to Hollandaise.  
Every bite of the sensational steak was testament to the 187 year history and we only wish we could bring Mark Twain back to life and eat it with him because everyone KNOWS he loved Delmonico's.
Additionally we had four other sauces to choose from including Delmonico's Sauce, Beef Jus and Red Wine Reduction, Black Garlic Butter, Spicky Kosho Butter and Sichuan Peppercorn Sauce.
Yes, you can have it all here.
Delmonico's sides also set them apart and are the furthest from old, tired or boring that you will find at other steakhouses.  Super exciting King Crab Garlic Spaetzle had us at the King Crab, but when you add GARLIC (why is there not a Garlic Peachy column is a good question. Maybe this will start it) it pushed it over the finish line with a gold, and note it also has Sauce Mornay.  All other Hash Browns in the world when they grow up dream of being the Hash Browns at Delmonico's; they are composed of Espelette Creme Fraiche, Shallot Marmalade, Trout Roe, Chives and yes please you do want to add Ossetra Caviar.  Words don't do these justice but we will try to attempt: paired with the succulence of the carnivorous glory of the Signature Delmonico's Steak, the trifecta of sides including the Creamed Spinach with Garlic Bechamel add an elite taste level to the diners of Delmonico's in its most recent incarnation.  The Stags Leap Cabernet was the perfect companion.
The classic desserts are amazing to say the least and of them, the Delmonico's Baked Alaska is the very best.  Banana gelato, walnut cake and apricot jam are in perfect proportion to each other and this is just as excellent as we remember from an earlier visit: it was created in Delmonico's Kitchen in 1867.
Blueberry Pie a la Mode and Three Chocolate (dark, white and milk) Mousse also are worthy of your dessert attention.
Peachy Deegan with Executive Chef Edward J. Hong
Finally, does your restaurant have a china brand making your own plates?
Only in America, Only in New York, Only in Manhattan, Only at 56 Beaver Street.
Owner Darko Matosic with Peachy Deegan
Delmonico's has earned our Highest Recommendation.

Yes, New York IS BACK thanks to Dennis and team!

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