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Thursday, September 7, 2023

#PeachysPicks #TerrificTakeout #PeachyDeegan @ManhattanPeachy #Primola by #GiulianoZuliani and #SamuelMorocho A Peachy's Pick Since 2012, Primola Since 1986 Summer 2023

Black and White Taglierini: Peachy Deegan's favorite Primola Menu Item!
Happiness is Chicken Parm at Primola!!!

Change in Manhattan is something you can count on.
Many places have come and gone in the last 14 years of our coverage of the restaurant world here, but the cream rises to the top and Primola not only reigns supreme on the Upper East Side, but also continues to show that they get better and better with time.
The quality of the cuisine and total consistency are testament to owner Giuliano Zuliani's dedication to his vocation as a premiere restaurateur and Primola should be on your priority list.
Primola was first featured in 2012:
If we go somewhere new, we stick to the regular menu however, Primola is one of our FAVORITES and we know their specials are simply spectacular and are evocative of the season.  They are the sixth restaurant in terms of longevity on the Peachy's Picks Best of 2023 list.  To that end, we chose to start with the Gazpacho, so fresh and invigorating on a hot summer day with chunks of cucumber to enliven it brilliantly!  An antipasti to be celebrated in this heat wave is undoubtedly the Parma Prosciutto con Frutta di Stagione: and you will discover inviting honeydew underneath.
Insalata di Funghi Freschi introduces fresh mushrooms dancing in arugula with delicious shaved parmigiano and fennel joining it; also note the picky one here wants to apply her own salad dressing: lemon vinaigrette in this case, and Primola always listens and puts it in a smart silver boat on the side.  
Server Elvir Deljanin is a veteran of Primola since 2001 and was in keeping with the impeccable service that you can expect to always have at Primola!
Other Chicken Parms dream of growing up to be the Chicken Parm of Primola.  We reveled in its majesty and there is a whole cheering section in Peachy's stomach that is awakened when we see this on the special menu.  Perfectly pounded and with the perfect hint of tomato and the gorgeous embellishment of cheese, the truth is that words do not do justice to this Chicken Parm Perfection by Samuel and Giuliano.
Another specials hit when we visited was the tantalizing Veal Scallopini, an elegant tribute to carnivorous entrees!  Completely tender and succulently extraordinary with asparagus and fresh tomatoes which evoke the summer season perfectly, this entree was typically flawless.
The pictures speak for themselves!
Fish of the day when we visited was the grilled salmon, which ensures you will still look amazing in your bathing suit!  The healthy menu at Primola strikes the perfect balance between dangerously delicious and good for you!  Joined by fresh vegetables, this sea swimmer jumps right on the grill and to your plate for you to enjoy the last days of summer in style.
Note: if you are for some reason new to the party here and have not read our 28,000 other posts, you should know we NEVER edit pictures.   You kill it like Giuliano has for 11 years or we don't publish on you!  In real life it looks this perfect:
If Peachy was stranded on a desert island with only one Pasta from Primola, she would pick the Black and White Taglierini.  With shrimp, fresh tomato and seppia, this decadent wonder is so superlatively executed each and every time at Primola, we only fall in love with it more again and again.  And the Risotto Verde con Asparagi looks like Peachy's mother country of Ireland but the taste is all Italian: Rice blended with fresh spinach and asparagus is a nutritional hit and you'll rejoice in the creaminess.
It doesn't get better than apple pie a la mode with biscotti and cappuccino!

Primola continues to earn our Highest Recommendation.

1226 2nd Avenue # 1 New York, NY 10065 
Contact: (212) 758-1775

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