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Wednesday, November 8, 2023

#PeachysPicks Peachy Picks #Bagelworks Since 1983 by Sibling Team #MonaHinnawi #RamseyHinnawi and #DinaHinnawii #WhomYouKnow 1229 1st Avenue in Manhattan #Bagels #UpperEastSide

Mona Hinnawi, Owner of Bagelworks
It's never been who you know.  It's WHOM YOU KNOW and we know Mona, Ramsey and Dina and their amazing Bagelworks!  Dominating the Upper East Side bagel market since 1983, Bagelworks is a labor of love and passion for this family; their parents started it.
They of course excel in bagels, but also dabble in gourmet muffins, pastries, salads, cheeses, smoked fish, amazing spreads, and are dedicated to the highest level of quality.
With Egg and Cheese Perfection on a Poppy Bagel, we are tickled pink to announce they are the newest addition to Peachy's Picks!
From absolutely every angle, the Egg and Cheese is a winner and it shines in the auspicious Manhattan sunshine waiting to for you to say "ENCHANTE" to it before it lives happily ever after in your stomach!  The bagels are the utmost in freshness and the egg and cheese are of impeccable quality.
It insisted on some glamour shots:
Succulent Salmon is a total classic as it parties with tomato, capers, red onion and luscious cream cheese like a dream inbetween a fantastically fresh onion bagel.   Words do not do this masterpiece justice, and it silenced Peachy with its superlative excellence.  It might have been her favorite item of the review, and additionally you should know the components are in perfect proportion to one another.
They don't only have the straightforward cream cheese, but also they have enhanced cream cheese like the Cucumber Dill!  It is an outstanding aromatic array of savory notes to invigorate your appetite and we chose to have it on the Everything Bagel.  You should know both Mona Hinnawi and her Dad, (who is aged 92 years young because we say that eating bagels is absolutely the fountain of youth) tell us that the Everything Bagel is their favorite!
Another incredible edible wonder is the Garlic Bagel, and if you ever have read any of our Indian restaurant reviews, you know there is a Resident Garlic Naan Monster here, akin to the Cookie Monster.  This same flavor will gravitate you to the Garlic Bagel with perhaps our most favorite cream cheese: BACON SCALLION.  We used to think Scallion was our favorite, but Bagelworks is so phenomenal that they have upped our opinion because OBVIOUSLY BACON MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER!
Exult in the fine quality of the Bialy, perfectly crafted with the onion center in its proper form!  Eating its pillow-like texture with sensational flavor will set the tone of your day from ordinary to extraordinary.
Bagelworks goes way beyond the standard bagel flavors and furthermore expands your idea of a bagel!
Sourdough, French Toast, Sunflower Seed, Cinnamon Raisin and Seven Grain are just a sprinkle of what they are capable of!  Seven Grain is like the Seven Wonders of the World!  And if you have someone with you that wanted to go out for French Toast instead of Bagels (what planet are they from!?!) you can tell them - Bagelworks thought of you already!  There is a French Toast Bagel, silly, because this is New York and you can really have it all.
Of course, as you know we absolutely never edit pictures.
You kill it and excel like Mona and family, or we do not publish!
Finally, do not forget to take a dozen bagels with you for the road with some of their quintessential cream cheese to seal the deal and put you in immediate bagel heaven!
A black and white cookie is the firework finale for all with a sweet tooth, and when it magically disappears, you'll know it's again high time to pay Mona and her family a visit!
Mona Hinnawi and Peachy Deegan; they are wearing Cover Girl!

Peachy Picks Bagelworks!
Bagelworks is Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.

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