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Wednesday, January 24, 2024

#ProductAlert #StephenKnollNewYork Hydrating Serum Mist Highly Recommended by @ManhattanPeachy #PeachyDeegan

Ta da! It's JANUARY! Whom You Know is turning 15 years old tomorrow! Peachy is turning we won't tell you 4 days later! But because she works with the best hair professionals on earth, you will absolutely never guess her age. And in the dead of winter, you would THINK her hair would stand at attention and behave with no summer humidity. No, you're wrong. If you have hair like Peachy, you need to rehydrate to keep your texture, style and color looking its best and we absolutely adore this product. When "Ultimate Results" is emblazoned on the front of this hot number, it's truth in advertising.  This miracle worker is an ultra-light, protective leave-in treatment that instantly revitalizes, re-hydrates and smooths hair for all day shine and frizz control.

Protects against heated tools and environmental damage.
Restores moisture and balance to the hair.
Leaves hair healthy and replenished, with an airy polished radiance.
Protects and prevents color from fading.

It retains moisture, and birthday or not, your hair should ALWAYS look fabulous!

Stephen Knoll New York Hydrating Serum Mist is Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.

Stephen’s Pro Tips
1. Hold the bottle 12 inches away so that the mist sprays evenly throughout your hair. Don't spray too close.
2. So many uses for this mist. Perfect leave in protective treatment from all the elements: heat, pollution, sun, salt water. Can be used daily to calm hair and tame frizz. Great hair refresher or overnight treatment.
3. This mist is a great anti-frizz, calming lotion to be used anytime of day. If you're hair looks frizzy, just spray on a couple of spritzes and run your fingers through your hair and it immediately calms hair down. It's also a perfect treatment - 2-3 spritzes on your dry hair calms flyaways and conditions hair.
4. When you use each product or layer multiple products they should always be combed through - this tip applies to ALL . . . leaves hair feeling smooth and calm.
5. Going to the beach or in and out of a pool? Protect your hair with this mist to neutralize salt and chemicals. Keeps hair looking healthy.
Stephen Knoll New York was born in NYC where the world’s artists, creators, and influencers come together, drawing inspiration from the raw energy and diversity of the City.

Hair stylist Stephen Knoll founded his Midtown salon in 1991, in the heart of Manhattan – blocks from Central Park. Catering to a celebrity clientele and discerning New Yorkers alike, Stephen has been at the genesis of styling and fashion trends for three decades. To enable his busy, on-the-go clients to replicate salon quality results they love between styling sessions, Stephen sought to create a superior range of haircare products that could deliver the professional standards his customers expect. Collaborating with Kosé, the leaders in beauty technology, they created Stephen Knoll New York – premium, customizable styling and haircare products that meet the needs of a discerning clientele from New York to Tokyo, Toronto to Rio.

Today, Stephen continues to work both from his NYC salon and as a photo session stylist, while traveling the world to style his dedicated clients. The Stephen Knoll New York collection of pro-quality products is featured in more than 23,000 points of distribution worldwide.

Visit the Stephen Knoll Salon at it's new location! 19 E 62nd St FL2, New York, NY
Call (212) 421-0100 to make an appointment.

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Haircolor by David Crandall of The Stephen Knoll Salon is Highly Recommended by Whom You Know! Founded in 1991 in the heart of New York City, the Stephen Knoll New York Salon caters to both a celebrity clientele and discerning New Yorkers – people from all walks of life.

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