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Wednesday, January 24, 2024

A #PeachysPick Since 2023, @SaarNYC #SAAR Winter 2024 #TimesSquare by Executive Chef and Owner #HemantMathur and Owner #AvtarSingh 241 West 51st Street Manhattan

Say YES PLEASE to Murg Kesar, one of Peachy's favorites
Owners Hemant Mathur and Avtar Singh

It's not who you know, it's WHOM YOU KNOW and we know Hemant and we have since Tulsi.  We first featured Saar two years ago in their inaugural feature:
Saar opened in May 2018.
Unlike places that come and go, no one is resting upon their laurels here and this hotspot continues to thrive in the heart of Midtown.  Owned by Hemant Mathur and Avtar Singh, Saar also has a strong team and each and every time we have visited even when the owners are not there in person, the graciousness and hospitality that is a signature of this brand is present.

We were ABOUT TO TELL YOU that we have known Hemant for a decade, so only raising this to Peachy's Picks last year is deceiving.  However, you ought to know that SAAR is NEW and actually, if you look at that Tulsi review you can see we have actually known Hemant is a wonder in the kitchen for a DOZEN YEARS.
Yes, the place setting is perfection.
Raj Shighosh the manager is also a phenomenal asset to this team, and how often do you see us saying something like that!
Murg Kesar has absolutely the most succulent and moist Chicken Tenders that dance beautifully in Saffron, Lemon & Gingerand Mint Chutney. The amalgamation of flavor is outstanding and we believe this would be universally appealing. Next in the batting order was Lasooni Kebab: Chicken Thigh, Garlic, Cilantro, Green Chili and just the right hint of Pineapple Chutney. Evocative of sunshine and the smile of our friend Hemant, this appetizer boasted our beloved garlic, an essential in the dead of winter especially for health and flavor. We think we just heard George Harrison sing: "Here Comes the Sun."
Of course, they have a full bar and Peachy was in the mood to drink 12 year Macallan straight.  Hi Charlie!  If you don't drink, there are also Mocktails and maybe another time we will bring our Mocktail specialist.  Onion Kulcha is absolutely a pillow of goodness ready to accompany each and every delicious hit by Hemant and you need to order it!
The above picture does not do the flavorful Pistachio Chicken justice: it is absolutely incredible and really outstandingly unique, but after eating Hemant's talents for twelve years, we are not surprised.  There is onion in there too, so that is another Onion Kulcha pairing opportunity, dear readers!  Pistachio is an underrepresented player on menus today and Hemant is smart to capitalize on its strength.   It's not overwhelming and it's completely MODERN and FRESH!  Next,
KASHMIRI GUCCHI TRUFFLE RISOTTO should be front and center in your mind.  It's the eating equivalent of wearing Chanel.  The Mushrooms, Truffle Oil & Garlic you want to befriend TODAY!  Be there!  It is beyond ridiculously appetizing!!!
In Manhattan, it's another day, another Sea Bass.   But not at Saar!  It's extraordinarily different here.   With butternut squash and rasam, it's uniquely Hemant!  It's an innovative take you must try!  And bien sur mes amis, the Garlic Naan monster was raring to go and in full force when in close proximity to the fluffy wonder:
Pictures don't lie and you avid readers know we only publish the truth.
We absolutely never edit ANYONE'S pictures and in fact if anyone asks us to, we don't publish on them. 
Finally, you cannot pass go and collect $200 on the Saar Monopoly without the divine Chicken Biryani.  We absolutely love it and it might be our favorite!!!
Saffron rice pudding seals the deal!

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