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Wednesday, January 24, 2024

#ProductAlert #StephenKnollNewYork Style Memory Lotion Highly Recommended by @ManhattanPeachy #PeachyDeegan

Welcome readers to the next episode of Peachy versus her hair, the battle of who is in control!  As you recently read this month, our new colorist David Crandall at Stephen Knoll has laid down the law for pigment and it's Peachy's vocation to keep it that way!  And, with a bit of control with spritzes of the fabulous Style Memory Lotion, which we Highly Recommend, this all-in-one tool is adaptable for curly or smoother styles and can be wonderfully reactivated!  Style memory technology is personally developed by Stephen Knoll.  This is a powerhouse botanical complex delivered through patented Japanese nanocapsule technology, which is absorbed into the innermost layers of your hair follice, reaching your most damaged areas and repairing from the inside out.  The result? Healthy, beautiful, strong hair.  This is an extraordinary all-in-one protective heat-styling lotion that transforms hair into long lasting styles.

Universal mist provides complete control of your blow dry and style.
Curl it, smooth it, and straighten it with style memory technology.
Leaves hair with soft, silky texture, extraordinary shine and no frizz.

Stephen’s Pro Tips
1.  Make sure to hold the bottle 12 inches away so that the mist goes overall for optimum results. Don't hold the bottle too close.
2. Must have for all hair types, styles, texture - 1st step to styling. For initial styling apply on damp hair depending on the length of hair, 15-20 spritzes throughout for shoulder length or longer... can add as you blow dry , can add 1-2 more spritz per section for added smoothness or refinement or control.
3.  For retouching: apply to dry hair's heat activated so first try without adding more but if the hair is unruly add one to 2 spritzes per... to touch up your hair, 1-2 spritzes per section... try first without more product heat activated
4.  When you use each product or layer multiple products they should always be comped through - this tip applies to ALL
5. Another tip, during your blowdry, if you notice sections of your hair that are not cooperating, add and an additional 1 - 2 spritzes per section. HEAT PROTECTION if you style your hair often
6.  You can use this on dry hair when using a curling iron - apply 1 - 2 spritzes per section before ironing
Stephen Knoll New York was born in NYC where the world’s artists, creators, and influencers come together, drawing inspiration from the raw energy and diversity of the City.

Hair stylist Stephen Knoll founded his Midtown salon in 1991, in the heart of Manhattan – blocks from Central Park. Catering to a celebrity clientele and discerning New Yorkers alike, Stephen has been at the genesis of styling and fashion trends for three decades. To enable his busy, on-the-go clients to replicate salon quality results they love between styling sessions, Stephen sought to create a superior range of haircare products that could deliver the professional standards his customers expect. Collaborating with Kosé, the leaders in beauty technology, they created Stephen Knoll New York – premium, customizable styling and haircare products that meet the needs of a discerning clientele from New York to Tokyo, Toronto to Rio.

Today, Stephen continues to work both from his NYC salon and as a photo session stylist, while traveling the world to style his dedicated clients. The Stephen Knoll New York collection of pro-quality products is featured in more than 23,000 points of distribution worldwide.

Visit the Stephen Knoll Salon at it's new location! 19 E 62nd St FL2, New York, NY
Call (212) 421-0100 to make an appointment.

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Haircolor by David Crandall of The Stephen Knoll Salon is Highly Recommended by Whom You Know!  Founded in 1991 in the heart of New York City, the Stephen Knoll New York Salon caters to both a celebrity clientele and discerning New Yorkers – people from all walks of life. 

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