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Thursday, January 25, 2024

A #PeachysPick Since 2023, Winter 2024 #TheConsulateMidtown @theconsulatenyc 44 West 56th Street Manhattan By Twins #KirilMihajlov and #MetodijaMihajlov

Filet Mignon medium rare from The Consulate Midtown is a winter victory!
It's never been who you know, it's WHOM YOU KNOW and avid readers know that after Peachy got her second shot on the Upper West Side under the whale with her whale, she thought she was seeing double.  She actually was, because that is how she met the twins Kiril and Metodija Mihajlov from The Consulate, and they have got a second winner: The Consulate Midtown, which we first visited in 2023 when it earned a spot in Peachy's Picks and we must say we like it even better than the original.  The appetizers that kicked off the success were above: Shrimp Toast and below: Escargots!
Why would you have avocado toast anywhere when you can have SHRIMP TOAST by The Consulate Midtown?  Large sauteed shrimps party with chili oil, butter, aleppo pepper and rest upon country toast that yields the perfect crunch.  Escargots are a quintessential aspect of dining here and we reveled in the classic garlic parsley butter!
Kiril and Metodija Mihajlov suggested this smashing red that proved to be exquisite and versatile to accompany all our culinary endeavors this evening.
The salad selection is strong and The Brussels and Kale, above, remains our favorite.  Shaved Brussel Sprouts, pecorino, kale and green apples announce that less is more and they are in perfect proportion to one another.  They also listened and put the dressing on the side, which is our preference.  Cherry Tomato Salad is also an attractive choice with burrata, pesto, kalamatta olives, frise, onions, sumac and focaccia.  Red wine vinegar sings backup to this one.
From the grill, be sure to befriend the classic Salmon, which arrived in style medium rare as requested and was beautifully contrasted with perfectly sauteed spinach, essential for your health!  But the real star of the section is without a doubt the eight ounce filet with mashed potatoes, elevated to higher echelons with their signature Bernaise sauce!  This was our favorite edible endeavor of the evening and better than some steakhouses we've been to.
Pictures speak louder than words, readers!
You win like Kiril and Metodija Mihajlov, or we do not publish.
Even the bathrooms are sparkling clean!
You can safely assume every place we publish on has no bathroom issues because we most definitely check it out, but this bathroom in particular is beautiful and sparkling clean.
At both locations of The Consulate, the Short Rib Cavatelli is among the most popular year-round but we must tell you readers, it is particularly wonderful in the dead of winter.  Words cannot do justice to the succulent shredded braised short rib, cavatelli pasta and herb ricotta.  It is one of our most favorite winter dishes anywhere!
Tamara was also a pleasure to work with, and the dessert menu is sensational from the Bread Pudding, above, a highly underrepresented dessert on all menus and well done here, to the classic quintessential Chocolate Lava Cake which will make all chocolate lovers dreams come true!

The Consulate Midtown continues to be Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.

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