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Monday, February 12, 2024

#PeachysPicks #Manhattan #TerrificTakeout #OldTown #OldTownBar #OldTownRestaurant #WhomYouKnow #PeachyDeegan @ManhattanPeachy A Peachy's Pick Since 2015, Old Town Bar & Restaurant Est. 1892 by Gerard Meagher and the Meagher Family Winter 2024 @FordhamNYC

Still the best burger in town!!!  
Or country.
On the night we went to see Gerard Meagher, it was absolutely freezing.  
But the culinary prowess of Old Town Bar, killing it ONLY SINCE 1892, is a singular motivation in any weather.  Its universal appeal to the healthier people with their salads to the carnivorous with their cheeseburgers ensures that Old Town will endure to be the best for centuries of Manhattan history.  We're honored to be proud of it: thank you Gerard and the Meagher Family.

So Gerard is hip.
Gerard is cool.
And he's also Irish and went to a Jesuit school. FORDHAM!

When Peachy walks in, Gerard probably thinks the prodigal son has returned but maybe after the commercials last night he realizes she's got a bit of Affleck in her and thinks: "Here comes the Boston Massacre." BOSTON COLLEGE!

(cue music)

The burger, and get a cheeseburger, is a standard of American tavern cuisine and has been a classic here since 1892 (we understand: obviously no one here is pushing 130.)  The chili is our favorite chili anywhere, and Peachy Deegan ate no one's chili anywhere because she thought it was like dog food.  Not that she eats dog food-that's just what inferior chili looked like to her.

Old Town's chili quality is responsible for her eating it at all first, and loving it second.
Note: all pictures are always unedited.
Everything in real life does look this fabulous.

Gerard Meagher, owner of Old Town along with his brothers and sisters, tells us: "We used the covid time to fine-tune the American classics with extra attention to cleanliness and everything inside was pulled out and restored to its former glory.  Our burger is a best-seller, and we're proud to have been in a lot of TV shows, movies, and commercials prior to the acting strike and we look forward to being in more now that the SAG strike is over.  The Union Square area is doing well: the farmers' market, good tech companies in the neighborhood and the Discovery Network headquarters all have collectively had positive impacts.  We are happy to have good corporate neighbors and welcome them.  Also we are so proud to appeal to such a wide array of guests including families with small children as well as senior citizens and everyone inbetween.  All feel comfortable at the Old Town."
When is the last time you had great fried clams?  They absolutely hit the spot here and are served perfectly golden brown with the most enticing tartar sauce you'll find in all of Manhattan.  And for the healthier side, there are many salad options, and this time we chose the Cobb Salad.  They always listen to the picky one here and put the dressing on the side as she requests.  Peachy loves the ranch the best and likes to apply it herself.  
They've got more menu hits than the Bible's got psalms.

The chicken quesadilla is another winner and again, it's ideally crisp on the outside and revels moist chicken and cheese inside, all ready to cannonball into sour cream, salsa or their own special sauce.  They elevate these hot numbers with a bit of flavoring that you won't find anywhere else, further distinguishing their cuisine.
Finally, why would you have a mere BLT (Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato for the non-Americans reading) when you can have Gerard's CHICKEN BLT!!! It is signature of how Old Town always reinvents the classics with the most delicious modern twist to delight all.  Of course they've got the skills, come get your fill, cause when they make the burger they know how to grill.

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