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Wednesday, March 6, 2024

#PeachysPicks @EJsLuncheonette #EJSLuncheonette Since 1992 A Peachy's Pick Since 2011 Winter 2024

You need the Blackened Salmon to swim into your life pronto!
It's never been who you know.
Central to our philosophy of excellence and good taste is style and design and a commitment to the classics, and four years before we ever started this website we met the fabulous people behind EJ's because they have the same excellent taste in interior design that Peachy does!
EJ's Luncheonette earned a Peachy's Picks Ranking way back in 2011, and was subsequently featured again in 2015 and 2016 (see Peachy and owner Rob Eby here)It has been WAY TOO LONG!  Led by the Eby family, EJ's is a staple of excellent cuisine in the finest part of town, obviously the Upper East Side.  This visit we were delighted to work with Executive Chef Jay Elmore and Manager Michael Grummons who were equally just fabulous and we will show you some smiling EBY faces with Peachy next time, who will be smiling too when she feasts upon that spectacular blackened salmon again.
Alas, we are getting ahead of ourselves.
So, this is their fourth feature we believe and you can consider it a home run.
We were graciously welcomed with some hydration (above) and relaxation (below).
We may not be familiar with Fish Eye, but we are most definitely aware of the spectrum of Cabernets and the EJ's oh-so-casual style of serving up excellence and though this is a twist-off we believe, it tastes like a vintage cork variety. Its robust flavor was versatile and wonderful with the edibles we chose, starting with the hearty Roasted Half Chicken.  The Bell and Evans clucker announced it was moist, juicy and antibiotic free as it stepped out with some gorgeous broccoli and succulent spinach.  See, you can eat healthy and go out when you know where to go!
Every great place absolutely, positively must have a convincing burger, and EJ's does.
Can you hear it calling your name?
If you don't have conversations with your food, you are not living your best life.  Peachy obviously does and a lovely cheddar came to the party here to make it a cheeseburger, bien sur mes amis.  The burger will tell you it is the star of the show with an ideal ratio of 80/20; it's a short rib brisket blend.  However, even better is the BLACKENED SALMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is totally teasing you poking out at the ends!  It's clearly an invitation to dive in with gusto, and pinkies out as you delicately devour this succulent creation.  EJs says you can come for breakfast and stay for dinner, but Peachy would eat this three times a day.  EJ's menu is the same all day and the specials change.  We look forward to going more often and telling you about the specials inbetween blackened salmon bites!  Brioche sings backup to the poisson singing lead here.
The salad selection at EJ's is absolutely commanding and as bathing suit season is on the horizon, it's time to start thinking about how you personally are going to contribute to making our beaches beautiful.  But with substance: check out those chunks of chicken, turkey and salmon in this trifecta of nutrition!  We suggest a salad as part of a meal, not the whole meal itself.
The Kale Turkey Caesar Salad is really unique.  Anyone can have a plain Caesar salad but since when are we interested in just anyone.
It's composed of fresh kale, crisp romaine, roasted turkey breast, craisins and grated parm cheese.  
In all three cases, they listened to Ms. Superpicky and put the dressing on the side as she requested.
The Greek Chicken Salad announced that it also was beautiful and stunning and nutritionally distinctive.  Grilled Chicken, Feta Cheese, stuffed grape leaves, olives, cucumber, tomato, red onion and romaine all in a uniquely fresh symphony of flavor and respectively in bite-sized pieces (throughout all three salads as well) remind you that anytime of day is a good time for a salad of quality.
Finally, in the city of where power is at every turn, the Power Greens Salad, which we chose to add salmon to.  Kale, Romaine, Spinach, craisins, corn, pumpkin seeds, carrots, cucumber and tomato combine for a real power play in your stomach skating across the blueline onsides and you don't even have to be a New York Ranger!
Bravo for ten choices under salads!  We have further ambitions in this section.
As always, pictures are unedited: you excel like EJ's, or we do not publish.
EJ's continues to be Highly Recommended.

Our Story (from their website)

EJ’s Luncheonette opened its doors on the Upper East Side in 1992. Entering its fourth decade, EJ’s continues to be relevant and cutting edge with the best comfort food in NYC. As food trends change, the EJ’s Chefs invent comfort food recipes that cater to our clientele . Gluten free pancakes, organic and vegan recipes, healthy, stick to your ribs comfort food. EJ’s continues to be the meeting place for Breakfast Lunch and Dinner for New Yorkers, celebrities, and tourists alike.

The design is a throwback to the 30’s and 40’s. It mimics the vibe of the original Luncheonettes in NYC. EJ’s was originally designed by Peter Niemetz and recently redesigned by Patricia Eby (the Eby style setter who first met Peachy!!!) Designs with warmer finishes and seating better suited for comfortable dining for breakfast lunch and dinner.

The Design has attracted production scouts for several feature film and television productions.
It would not be unusual to see production trucks lined up along Third Avenue with bright lights illuminating the building. EJ’s is the perfect venue for any production to create a set to represent eras dating back to the 1930’s to present day New York.

EJ’s is the perfect spot for a private party venue. EJ’s Luncheonette can accommodate party buyouts ranging from after school parties for kids to Sweet Sixteens, and all out adult birthday parties with a full open bar. Please visit our gallery to see some of the events that EJ’s has hosted.

Brief History of New York Luncheonettes

Luncheonettes became important shortly after the automats in New York City. Lunch counters became a place for construction workers to grab a quick hot meal for lunch in the 1930’s during the building of the early Manhattan skyscrapers including the Empire State Building. Luncheonettes were also the meeting place for ladies to lunch while shopping. Luncheonettes were often seen in the popular Woolworth retail stores.

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