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Wednesday, April 3, 2024

#PeachysPicks #TerrificTakeout A Peachy's Pick Since 2022 #BigoiVenezia Since 2017, Winter 2024 by #Owner and #ExecutiveChef #SebastianMarzaro

They say April showers bring May flowers, but with the April weather we have right now, if you're smart April should bring you our friend Sebastian's BIGOI VENEZIAIt was last featured in 2022, when it earned a spot in Peachy's Picks.  Previously on Whom You Know, it was first featured in 2017and again in 2018.
Sebastian Marzaro has a professional background in the Italian luxury fashion industry, so many of our readers may already know him.  He was CEO of Bally Switzerland, and also was a licensed producer (encompassing design, manufacturing, wholesale, distribution) for Richard Tyler, Calvin Klein, Christian Lacroix, Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, Donna Karan and more.  He came to the United States three decades ago, and on August 7, 2017 he opened Bigoi Venezia. What on earth is that you ask? Incredibly, we met a pasta we didn't know before we met Sebastian. Bigoi is pronounced Bee-go-eee and its history dates back to the 1600s in Venice, Sebastian told us. This pasta is specifically intrinsic to the Venice region, and at Bigoi Venezia, they have their own Bigolaro: a pasta machine that makes Bigoi, and that is defined as being between three and three and a half millimeters thick. The diameter places it inbetween spaghetti (2.5 mm) and bucatini (3.5 mm). It is delicious, and it is constantly evolving as a brand.
Everything here is a testament to authenticity straight to Sebatian's own upbringing in the Venetian Alps, where this pasta originated.  
Every pasta dish at Bigoi Venezia is made fresh and is far superior to any other takeout of its ilk, not that it has any competitors at its level.  The traditional Venetian pasta and sauces are freshly crafted every day and when they say Sani e Italiani it is no joke: it is healthy Italian.  Also it is in the best part of town which undoubtedly is the Upper East Side!  
It is exactly what you want to warm you up and an ultimate in comfort food.
This is no ordinary pasta and it is harder as an Italian to be featured because of the tremendous competition and even harder to be featured four times; this is their 4th culinary feature.
It's fresh, authentic and Ragu di Manzo is a signature, above.
Ground beef, tomatoes, onions and celery waltz in that terrific unique Bigoi pasta that is crafted from 100 percent Angus Beef. Of course, it's even better with cheese and you're probably likely to forget about taking a picture too once you see that extra essential on top: Grana Padano!!!!
Next, Peachy's personal favorite this visit and the first that magically disappeared because you know who demolished it is Ai Funghi:
Mushrooms, cream and fresh parsley may sound straightforward but once you taste it, you know you are dining on decadence.  Champignon mushrooms are delivered fresh daily and they were chopped only two hours before we ate this ensuring total freshness.  Piselli and Prosciutto - Peas, Ham and Cream, are of that same type of creamy luxury but in its own rendition that is so visually appealing as well and we hear that Lilly Pulitzer probably wants to eat this upstairs.  Pink and green, readers!
Aglio, Olio and Pepercino is a bastion of garlic goodness with parsley and a red pepper base, and you do not add cheese to this hot number!  It's an original recipe that is an authentic Venetian triumph and the next classic is Bolognese Classica-true in name!  Ground beef, pork and tomatoes combine for another comforting wonder on a freezing day that makes you wonder when the pool will open but know that days indulging your inner Bigoi craving are spectacular!  Of course they have gorgeous Blood Orange sparklers from Italy that pair perfectly with whatever your little heart desires.
This next one is for all of you vegan readers!  Al Pomodoro is pure Roma Tomatoes grown in the Sacremento Valley that ripen on the vine, elevating the flavor that much more.  And if you look on the website right now, be aware there are four other choices not on it available to you including this one below: In Salsa Antica: Anchovies, Cinnamon and Fresh Parsley.  The crusades in the 13th century brought this to the trading city of Venice; spices were among coveted properties traded during this Byzantium era.  Fresh and fragrant and in perfect proportion, it was the final firecracker of our visit.

Bigoi Venezia continues to be Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.

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