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Wednesday, July 3, 2024

#InauguralReview #DeliceandSarrasin @delicesarrasin Since 2014 #French #Vegan by #ChristopheCaron , #Chef #YvetteCaronSoriano and #PatrickCaron 178 West Houston Street Manhattan

The most incredible Steak Frites we have ever had that is not actually steak is by Christophe at Delice and Sarrasin!
For all of the times we've mentioned escargot in 15 plus years, click here.  Believe it or not, that is NOT escargot. Drumroll, please.  We have told you a million times that Peachy is a DEEGAN not a Vegan.  Except sometimes she eats vegan and this is the third time ever we had a good vegan experience and the second vegan restaurant ever to be written on in fifteen years.  If that doesn't speak volumes to you, may we reemphasize as we do in our annual press release that it's not who you know, it's WHOM YOU KNOW and it's ALSO Que Vous Connaissez.  We write it in English and French although sometimes Google translate goes crazy and puts it all in English twice, but if you want to read our entire website in French or nearly any other language, you can translate it to the right.
Now we know Christophe Caron who came to New York from Toulouse (you know, like Toulouse-Lautrec whom Peachy did a term paper on in eighth grade), France in 2009.  Christophe had a vision of French vegan food, which by the end of this review exceeded our expectations, and began Delice and Sarrasin in 2014 and it's always been in Downtown Manhattan.
Meet Escargots Beurre Maitre D'Hotel.
Except they are not really escargot: they are not snails.
They are finely diced oyster mushrooms in a delicate parsley garlic butter.  You are not going to think that they are snails but you will be impressed by the vivid interpretation that is pretty close for mushrooms!  In the "butter" which is not really butter, there is coconut and cashew which if you are a Peachy you will detect but otherwise you probably can't tell!  Chef Yvette Caron Soriano created all of the menu to make it correctly French and Vegan and as far as we know, this is the only French vegan place in the world.  Delice and Sarrasin (literal translation: delight and buckwheat) means delicious things made in buckwheat!  
Delice and Sarrasin is owned by Christophe Caron and his parents, Yvette Caron Soriano and Patrick Caron.
The next laudable appetizer is their take on burrata.  Peachy is so wild for Burrata there is a column called Burrata Peachy and Giovanni Zibillo is our favorite importer right now.  Tomates et fromage de Buffonne has a similar consistency and is beautifully standing at attention!
Even more delicious is the Verrine De Saumon, below.  The "salmon" is a delicious interpretation of poisson and that means fish: it's carrot fiber marinated in seaweed with creamy avocado and garlic not really cheese-cashew based.  The high level of creativity throughout the menu and matching deliciousness really wowed us.
It even smiles at you and is quite sociable:
Especially because she is genetically IRISH and has resided in Ireland (Cork), Peachy is nearly required to be a potato expert.  And the hand-cut black truffle french fries are simply amazing, fresh and if you are American you are going to love dipping them in ketchup and if you are from the UK or Ireland you are going to love dipping them in mayo and we guess if you are French you opt for dijon.  Or you can have them straight like Peachy drinks her Macallan.
So, meet the best steak frites you will ever have that is not steak.
You cannot meat it, you can only meet it.
By the way if you have never read us before, we never edit pictures.
You win in the first place like Christophe and his team or we do not publish.
White spanish onions perch upon slightly crispy chunk "steak" (not steak, this is vegan!) which is cultured soy and wheat grown vertically on the wall.   You really have got to eat it to believe it.  We would not mistake it for steak: it is individual in its own right and a different type of steak taste and we found it fascinatingly delicious.  Obviously, you need a striking red to go with your steak frites and bien sur mes amis they've got it:
Next are the scallops, which of course are not really scallops.
Four pan seared seaweed "scallops" bear an astounding similarity to actual scallops in texture and are fabulous waltzing in sauteed spinach.
It goes without saying that Delice and Sarrasin is highly aesthetically motivated and pictures speak louder than words.  But we're telling you!
Tagliatelle aux Fruits de Mer is again not really seafood, but quite similar!  The melange of creative seafood interpretations beautifully punctuate the spirals of tagliatelle pasta and mediterranean olive oil that will hit the spot on a hungry day.  The last savory wonder we tried was Mr. Petrossian: konjac smoked "salmon", creme fraiche, avocado puree and dill are spectacularly refreshing on a hot day.  You're really going to feel transported to another world: Delice and Sarrasin is absolutely unique.
Finally, the last firework of the night was La Bordelaise with a modification by Peachy saying yes please to dark chocolate and no thank you to salted caramel: fragrant roasted apples dance splendidly in vanilla "ice cream."  Just what you need for a hot summer night!
Delice and Sarrasin impressed us on our first visit and we can't wait to see what they do next.

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