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Monday, December 12, 2011


The 8-Inch Bionic wrench from Loggerhead tools has exceeded my husband’s expectations. He never imagined that there would be one wrench that would tackle any project around the house. He loved the rubber grips which allowed him to firmly and securely work with the tool. You can use also use the wrench just like a ratchet making work take half the time. Especially because you do not have to fiddle around guessing which size the bolt or nut is. Totally genius. Great for nuts that even have rusted or are not in great shape. Plus, you do not have to convert anything from metric either. Just dumbs it all down for you and who does not want that. In addition, a company which stands behind its products is a relief and this one has a lifetime guarantee. Mix that with a product that is actually made in the USA and it’s a no-brainer. So stuff your husbands, brother, father or father-in-laws stocking with one this season.

My four-year-old son was thrilled when he saw me take out the 8 inch Binoic Wrench by Loggerhead Tools. "Is it for me, dad?", he excitedly asked. His collection of tools is closing in on mine, but neither of us have anything like this in our stockpile (not until now, anyway). It is great when it is used for projects for which it was designed. The positives of this tool are that it grips on all sides of bolts, it doesn't slip/strip, it is ergonomically designed, and it has a lifetime warranty. The 8-inch Bionic Wrench also automatically sizes and grips 14 U.S. and metric-sized nuts and bolts. As I mentioned earlier, it is great when used for projects for which it was designed. Don't expect this wrench to be able to handle all jobs as it can't for it isn't able to fit into small, tight areas. However, overall this is a helpful tool for many jobs around the house and for the "do-it-yourselfer"!  Award-winning and made in the U.S.A, the 8-inch Bionic Wrench would make a great holiday gift!

The new Bionic Wrench by Loggerhead Tools solves all your wrench size problems for life. And I mean for life. It's an 8-inch all-in-one wrenching system. They also come in 6 and 10-inch. This durable beast is not only a heavy duty save-the-day tool it's a life-long friend. Finally, you can put away that awkward heavy wrench kit with 50 different metal wrenches in there that you always can't seem to find the exact one you need. The six stainless steel teeth help surround and tightly clamp onto even the toughest and rustiest bold nuts so you don't have to stress and get ticked off over stripped nuts. A perfect gift for your husband, father and handy wife who doesn't like venturing into your messy collection of tools to get a quick job done. Nice work Loggerhead Tools!  This one's a winner!

The 8-inch bionic wrench by Loggerhead Tools is highly recommended by Whom You Know!


Our premier product, the Bionic Wrench™, defines a new class of adjustable wrenches with patented gripping technology. Click on our Products page to learn more about this remarkable tool. The 6-, 8-, and 10-inch Bionic Wrench™ are now available for purchase. 


At Loggerhead Tools LLC we design, develop, and market innovative new-to-the-world hand tools. Our tools are manufactured in the United States. We believe your work should be easier, faster, and more professional; so we create tools that improve your results. You can count on the quality of our tools because they're guaranteed forever! Someday your kids will enjoy using them too.

Our founder, Dan Brown, is a Chicago inventor with over 28 U.S. patents. As president, Dan is committed to introducing a unique tool to the market each year. Join our Wrenchers' Clubto keep abreast of new developments, tool tips, and promotions.


Our manufacturing partner, Penn United Technologies Inc., is a ISO/TS 16949: 2002 certified facility. We are proud of our relationship with this well known world class manufacturing company. We selected them due to their commitment to quality, and manufacturing excellence.

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