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Monday, April 30, 2012

Peachy Picks Ma&Gia Osteria Italiana Our Coverage Sponsored by Liz Barbatelli's The Laundry at Linens Limited and E. Braun & Co. in Beverly Hills

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You would think with all the restaurants we've covered, we'd rarely find a new concept but boy do we have a phenomenon for you today, and it is brilliant.  Peachy may have reviewed dozens and dozens of restaurants over the past few years, but did you know she knows even more about the business world than she knows about restaurants?  She previously spent a decade on Wall Street, and doesn't always comment on the business aspect of what we review, however, she will in this case as the idea is so smart.  It is the first flagship restaurant of Principe di San Daniele, the Italian Prosciutto and Deli Specialty Company, and by cutting out the restaurateur they offer both fresher food and better prices to their discerning clients.  In fact, we can't believe there is just one of them right now as we think they'll kill it and you'll find one in every Manhattan neighborhood before you know it.  
Ma&Gia Osteria Italiana
was first featured in Tasty Tidbits:
Ma&Gia Osteria Italiana 
graduates to Peachy's Picks!  From the first sip of the Prosecco Cuve, DOC Veneto to the last bite of Burrata, which is unequivocally the best Burrata Peachy Deegan has ever had (and she's had a Burrata or two!), we are completely convinced that 
Ma&Gia Osteria Italiana has got the stellar cuisine, the best concept, and great management to go with it all.  It's been open since November 29, 2011 (Happy Birthday Chrishaunda Lee) and oooooh you know good things happen on the 29th.  Now, we'd just like to meet the owners!
The atmosphere at 
Ma&Gia Osteria Italiana is terribly sophisticated without being pretentious. A mixture of background music was played, both a bit of George Michael early on but it got better when the classic Italian notes came out soothingly later on.  The dress is smart casual and classy.  Both managers - John and Isabella - we interacted with were among the very best managers we have ever encountered and each took the same amount of care that an owner would have.  How many times have you heard us say that?
There's the welcoming Prosecco Cuve, DOC Veneto Zonin
Manager John Infurna made us feel welcome from the start and he poured the Prosecco properly.
The Olive Oil was to die for.  Every aspect of cuisine and wine we encountered screamed authenticity.  As you know we fancy ourselves to be fairly knowledgeable about Olive Oil; check out our recent book review: 
Isabella Minghetti is a total peach.  Hailing from near Bologna and about three hours from Venice, Isabella is a relative newcomer to New York and answered every one of Peachy's multitude of questions with amazing positive energy and true pride in her country.  Also, her English was perfect.
This is the first wine we tried and it is from the region of the partners: Friuli.  A full-bodied Italian, the Refosco dal Penduncolo Rosso 2009, Doc Friuli, Tenunta Ca'Bolani was diligently opened 30 minutes before the arrival of Peachy, so to serve it at its best.  We adore this attention to detail.  Peachy Deegan liked this the best and would have drank it all night, however, the other wines were terribly convincing too.
This streamlined menu of the utmost quality wowed us and Peachy started with the Principe Cotto Misto for an appetizer.  Four gorgeous ruffles of carnivorous wonder arrived and apparently, Peachy was so excited she forgot to take a picture (a rare occurrence! but possible in extreme circumstances of enthusiasm such as this.)  Two of the four were dedicated to Beechwood Smoked Prosciutto, One was Rosemary (wonderfully flavored!) and the Last was Truffle, which was Peachy's favorite of the three and was the most absolutely to-die-for.  We cannot overemphasize the freshness of this which is truly unparalleled.   It makes all the difference when it is direct from the distributor.
As her main course, Peachy opted for the penne with mushroom cream and beechwood smoked ham by prosciutto di parma.  It was perfectly al dente and the ingredients were delicately sliced for maximum flavor and detail to her utmost enjoyment.  
Peachy prefers white wine when it is a bit warmer out, but this Fiano 2010 IGT Puglia, Masseria Altemura was so fantastic she'd even drink it in the dead of winter.  Uplifting, crisp and absolutely delightful, it was an ideal companion to our pasta course.
If you are going to go to 
Ma&Gia Osteria Italiana and order only one food item, it should be the  Burrata and San Daniele 18 months.  Paired with the above Insolia 2010, Sicilia, Feudo Principi Di Butera, this Buratta and San Daniele will bowl you over.  Words do not justify how excellent this particular course was:
Finally, Homemade Torta di Castagne e Zucca which means Chestnut Cake with Pumpkin for all you non-Italian speakers totally hit the spot, and that is coming from someone who spent a lot of years living in Chestnut Hill...Magia means magic, and so we say Abracadabra! With a wave of Peachy's wand she'd send you all there immediately!  What are you waiting for!
Also note it is a great first-date place as the service is prompt and you can order by plate.  You can be happy spending half an hour there or 3 hours!
Our esteemed panelist adds:
The fresh sides of ham and cheeses proudly displayed under glass are the first clue this is not just another Italian restaurant. Magia prides itself on being an Osteria Italina, and we agree. Osteria means small bites. We suggest small bites and small portions so you can sample as many of these fresh delicacies as you can. 
The first section of the menu is entitled Salami and Cheese plates. The word salami underestimates the delicate fresh flavor of the prosciutto. We sampled four wonderful preparations, a dish called Tagliere Cotti Misti. We learned that prosciutto age 18 months has a slightly saltier flavor than that aged 14 months. The mouth watering flavors were rosemary, ruffle, beechwood smoked delicately without being overpowering, and old fashioned. Our charming hostess, Isabella, paired this dish with a sangiovese La focaie wine, Toscana Rocca di Montemassi. 
Next we sampled the cheese plate. We tasted five cheeses: Pecorino walnut: Fresh taste, firm yet crumbly. Next was a mild soft cheese with a tart edge: Lou beirguer. We enjoyed this one as well. The Bella Lodi is indeed the cream of the crop, with its firm texture, rich flavor, a sweet rich cousin to parmesan. Next was Bianco sardo, a deeper flavored, firm cheese. Last we tasted the raschera, smooth, mild yet richly flavorful. 
For my main course I chose pacchieri prepared with buratta cheese, fresh cherry tomatoes, and basil. The buratta cheese melts in your mouth. Pacchieri is flat, wide ridged pasta. This was a most delectable dish. Perfectly balanced and flavored. 
The d├ęcor is modern, sleek yet comfortable. Tables are spaced apart. This is a comfortable restaurant, well-designed and well-planned. We were impressed by the attention to detail provided by Isabella, one of the mangers. Our palates were happy due to her menu that was carefully planned to progress from mild dishes to those with a richer, deeper flavor. The wines were perfectly paired to complement the dishes in their strength of flavor. 
Dessert was homemade torta di Castagne e zucca. This is known as a “dry” dessert, which is quite the misnomer. Dry simply means it is made sans butter to mask the full flavor, yours to enjoy without those extra calories! Enjoy we did. The cake is a wonderfully mixture of chestnut and pumpkin flavoring, served on a bed of fresh, light, mascarpone sweet cream. How sweet it was. A perfect ending to a gourmet dining experience. 

Peachy Picks 
Ma&Gia Osteria Italiana
Ma&Gia Osteria Italiana 
is Highly Recommended by Whom You Know. 

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