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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Peachy Picks Pizzetteria Brunetti Our Coverage Sponsored by Stribling and Associates

Owner Jason Brunetti

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In America, there is pizza, and there is pizza in Manhattan.  We can't comment on the pizza in Italy yet.  Except for one absolutely stellar exception we recently experienced in Georgetown which was clearly superior to its local competitors and America outside of Manhattan, the pizza outside of our island smack in the middle of New York City is not as good.  The water is better here.  Really.  That's why the bagels are better as well.  In Manhattan, tourists look for pizza places however, they need to know that not all pizza here in Manhattan is created equally.  Some is just far better, and the artisan pizza at Pizzetteria Brunetti is fantastic.  And if you are a Manhattan resident, knowing where to get great pizza is one of your lifelines (and if you don't eat pizza, can you be trusted?!?!?).
It made its Whom You Know debut in Terrific Takeout:

And we are pleased to announce it has graduated to Peachy's Picks.  This father and son team of Michael and Jason Brunetti (see Jason above-Michael was not present during this review though we met him at the Takeout visit) have got a winner downtown.  They started their Long Island location in 2009 and since September 30, 2013 they've been in Manhattan. Peachy began with the Caprese con Burrata which floated on her plate like a dream in a party of organic green and red heirloom tomatoes and basil finished with EVOO.  The lovely burrata is imported from Bari and every bite is decadent and divine.  Peachy could eat this every day!

A robust Italian red is just what the doctor ordered!  There is nothing worse than getting excited about cuisine at a restaurant only to find the wine list is not up to snuff.   We can assure you if your taste buds are anything like Peachy's, you will be smiling sipping the Campaccio IGT Super Tuscan Terribianca, Tuscany 2008.  It was the perfect complement to the pizza.

First to see if a pizza place is good the true test is the most basic pizza: Margherita.  The visual above evidences the fact that 
Pizzetteria Brunetti is truly amazing and if this computer screen was scratch and sniff, you'd be over the moon.  They use quality ingredients, quality equipment and put a lot of effort and care into their vocation of your dinner.  San Marzano DOP tomatoes, house made fior di latte mozzarella, basil, sea salt and EVOO combine to form the pristine pie you see above.  Delicious.

Peachy LOVED the meatballs during the takeout review.  Note we also make restaurants do this review to see if they can repeat the consistency in the real review for Peachy's Picks (if they are invited to participate.)  You need to know that a life lived without meatballs from Pi
zzetteria Brunetti would be a life of suffering.  You cannot pass go and collect $200 without trying these meatball gems.  So yes, they were just as good as our prior experience.
By now it was time to try another fabulous Italian red.  Jason suggested the Barbera d'Alba Elio, Altare Piedmont 2012 which Peachy enjoyed, but preferred the Super Tuscan.  Keep in mind that trying new Italian wines is like trying new golf courses, which we hope to get on top of soon because Peachy has been spending way too much time at the keyboard and not at the course (rain rain go away!).  They are all pretty good and there's really have to be something wrong with the person behind if for it to be bad.
Though Peachy'd say her best pizza from  Pizzetteria Brunetti was without a doubt the Pizza alla Nicola during the takeout (TRUFFLES!  Need we say more?), Peachy also found the Soppressata quite convincing.   The carnivorous critic rejoiced in the spicy soppressata on top of San Marzano tomatoes, house made fior di latte mozzarella, basil, sea salt and EVOO.  
Our esteemed panelist adds:
On the website for this quaint Pizzetteria in the West Village they highlight the origin of the Margherita pizza. I was lucky enough to try one of their 2 versions (Flor di Latte or Bufala Mozzarella). Made in the Neapolitan style with the freshest ingredients, it was a delight. The crust was charred perfectly and nicely dense. The cheese was succulent and the sauce, full of flavor. 

To start the meal I had the owner’s favorite salad, the Masseria. I am not someone who loves salad but this hit the spot. It was all organic and you could tell. I was always of the belief that kale is really only good cooked. This salad changed my mind. In concert with the other ingredients, including chick peas, walnuts, almonds and dried blueberries, it burst with flavor in just the way you would hope. The salad was finished off with walnut oil and ricotta cheese which both worked to round out the texture and gave you a feeling of hearty fullness. 

On the side of these delightful dishes was a whopping serving of meatballs. Each meatball is easily the size of an apple. 

They obviously use high quality beef and cook it to juicy tenderness. The tomato ragu adds some great flavor and a hint of spiciness. 

I also tried the Vongole pizza, their attempt at a clam pizza. Over all this was a success. The garlic and herb butter sauce lay down a rich flavor to accent the clearly very fresh clams. There is a nice spiciness to the pizza. Unfortunately I think the clams were a bit chewy but based on the success of everything else I suspect that was an unfortunate but rare occurrence. 
I would also mention two other things. The meal started out with some excellent olive oil for dipping the bread. Also the wine list was excellent, they had an array of selections from around Italy including several good by the glass options, even the classic Pinot Grigio was a better quality than I see in many places. 

There are so many great pizza places in NY it’s hard to ever pick a favorite but if I’m in the West Village I certainly wouldn’t mind another pie from Pizzetteria Brunetti.

Peachy Picks 
Pizzetteria Brunetti.

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