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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Shadmoor by Executive Chef Edi Seitllari Inaugural Review Our Coverage Sponsored by Fresh Origins

Executive Chef Edi Seitllari and the New York Steak
The only drug we recommend: Tuna on Crack (only food involved!)

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Had enough of winter?  The snow may be on its way again but it can be summer at dinnertime if you go to the right spots-and quicker than you can say Florida please meet our friend Edi and his latest and greatest, The Shadmoor.  Edi was previously reviewed at another Manhattan restaurant which had advanced to Peachy's Picks and has since closed.  We love it when people that excel stay in touch with us and introduce us to their newest talents, surely the trait of a winner.  
We began with some lovely East and West Coast oysters, which hail from Prince Edward Island and Vancouver, respectively.  We delighted in their fresh welcome.
A survival trait in the Northeast for winter is dining on great onion soup.  Pure, hearty and delicious, the Onion soup at the Shadmoor is further enhanced with swiss and aged parmesean.  We lament its passing in Peachy's stomach and wish it was in front of us right now!
Remember, pictures do not lie.
We publish the truth and never edit the pictures.  It really does look this good.
Of course if you are an avid reader, you know we like to be entertained as evidenced by our many tv and movie reviews.  We also like to be entertained, not bored like we often are, when reading your menu, many of which lack humor.  Edi clearly had this in mind and the next appetizer in the batting order was named: Tuna on Crack.  With a name like that, we had to try it.
It was so amazing that it had the shortest lifespan of any edible item on this review.
The worst is when you have an expectation that is not met.
The best is when your expectation is exceeded.
Sushi grade tuna, avocado, cucumber, sriracha, toasted sesame seeds, chive cilantro oil, tortilla chips and chipotle aioli are a fresh, stylistic presentation that excel in the fine art of pink and green, as inaugurated by Lilly Pulitzer, MPS '49.  You get bonus points if you combine pink and green well; we saw Lilly at our reunions before she passed.
Some glamour shots:
Nancy Reagan taught us to say no to drugs but we are sure she would agree to say yes to Tuna on Crack.
The salad selections at The Shadmoor are extraordinary, particularly for the dead of winter.  There are seven choices and we want to see at least seven on everyone's menu.
We chose the signature Shadmoor Salad as it was our first visit.
Tomato, red onion, bell pepper, olives, radish, chick peas, avocado, croutons, grilled halloumi cheese and evoo grace the plate splendidly.
You know who likes the dressing on the side and they did it right the first time.
When you visit, other than the food and Edi's smashing personality (not every chef has a great one we can verify!) if you are like us, you are going to LOVE visiting the loo.  If you don't know what a loo is you should go to Ireland; it is the nice way of saying bathroom.
Guess what, this is the loo at The Shadmoor.
The door is the coolest looking bathroom door we have ever seen with real books.
You seriously would have absolutely no idea it is the bathroom.
This is also a nice touch of authenticity:
Jack Makosa, Head Bartender and idea originator of this book design with Edi
Twice a week the Salmon flys in from Scotland and it is just delightful.  Char-grilled wild salmon is further highlighted with red beet sauce, fresh thyme, rosemary, raisins and perfectly halved brussel sprouts.  It is exactly what you would want in a poisson and is hearty for winter.
The New York Strip steak is absolutely incredible with its homemade steak sauce of molasses, plum, prune and horseradish notes.  The 14 oz. aged Angus New York strip steak arrives with homemade truffle fries, caramelized onions and rosemary lemon oil.  The Shadmoor sources this Halal steak from New Jersey weekly and it's organic.
Sauteed spinach is a must and the more greens, the better.

We were impressed on our first visit; we look forward to seeing what Edi does next at The Shadmoor!

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