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Friday, January 4, 2019

A Peachy's Pick Since 2018, District Social Winter 2019 #DistrictSocial @district37st #WhomYouKnow #PeachysPicks @ManhattanPeachy #PeachyDeegan #TerrificTakeout #Manhattan #Restaurants

Best Hanger Steak in Manhattan by District Social.
Glazed Bacon, where have you been all our life?

 Owner Sean Marr, Leader of Culinary and Imbibing Excellence at the Extraordinary District Social, with Peachy Deegan and her preferred Cabernet 
Sean suggests Calamari Fritters!

If you were in Times Square for merely the ball drop this week, you really missed out if you didn't pay District Social a visit with their sensational shrimp flatbread and their amazing Hanger Steak with Broccolini!  It's never been who you know: it's WHOM YOU KNOW and the high-achieving team behind District Social is the best in Manhattan with a tavern atmosphere and classic never goes out of style, despite the bad news we've received from Boston with the closing of a Peachy's Pick, Durgin Park. (And would it be closing if Sean Marr was in charge?!?)
District Social was first featured in June 2017:
and it graduated to Peachy's Picks in 2018:

District Social is the newest of this team's endeavors, open since December 2015 and is owned by Sean Marr, Bennett Page, Michael Geddes, Philip Smith and Aiden Stenson. 

On Whom You Know, District Tap House, also owned by this group, was originally featured:

and it graduated to Peachy's Picks:
and was featured last summer:
Bedford Falls also earned an inaugural feature:
and was recently featured:
Yes, it's a wonderful dinner at all of these venues because it's a wonderful, smart, creative and inventive team that cares behind it.
A proven winner is the Shrimp flatbread.  We could eat it every day.  There are four flatbread choices at District Social, and this one is our personal favorite.  From its strong crust which is perfectly crisp to its succulent little shrimps that luxuriate on the beloved carbohydrates, it is completely addictive and the perfect thing to munch on whether it is an appetizer for your dinner or if you are having one by the bar with your drink.  It is so delicious you will not want to share!  Pinkies out: it also boasts pickled fennel, cilantro, piquillo puree and MANCHEGO!!!  Say cheese and order it.  We love the manchego ingredient second to the shrimp.
Are the croquettes in your life this devastatingly beautiful?  We bet not, because after ten years of doing this, we haven't seen any better than these.  Note we NEVER edit anyone's pictures from fashion to food or anything- and the food at District Social is authentically this attractive when it is put in front of you.  The Yukon Gold with sweet Cornichon, Voilet Mustard and Fontina is exotically divine above while the Eggplant Parmesean with Smoked Mozzarella absolutely hits the spot, below...particularly in this cold weather!
Ta da!  Meet Calamari Fritters, suggested by Sean.  These delectable beauties of the sea are presented with a shredded kombu outside and are further enhanced with amazing shiratamako mushrooms.  The satisfying crunch that emanates from this experience will wow you.
In this world there are two kinds of Glazed Bacon. 
The Glazed Bacon of District Social, and all the inferior Glazed Bacons everywhere else.
From the thick pork belly cut that will emblazon your tastebuds with its superior excellence to its worcestershire molasses accent with scallions to boot, this is no ordinary Bacon.  Every bite is pure carnivorous ecstasy and it is what you should be eating for dinner...Jane Pontarelli, we are talking to you. (Jane wants to know what you are eating, and we want to tell her!)
Another glamour shot:
It goes without saying that the arrangement is beautiful.
If you are not confident you like Spinach Salad, you have not had this Spinach Salad.
Nutrition is dynamic and fresh with red peppers, parmesean, kataifi and shallots and not this has a star next to it indicating it is vegetarian.  We noticed this visit all vegetarian options are designated with a star which is good to know if you are not a carnivorous Peachy Deegan. And even if you are also a meat eater, you should be a vegetable eater too.
Some places have fish that is not exciting, and we don't write about them though we have considered a lot.  This Cod is tremendously inviting from the first look in its majestic dish.
Aerial view:
The Cod Entree is simply smashing resting upon Faro Risotto and Lobster Nage, a lovely broth of lobster that will completely impress you in every bite.  Finished off with a parsley emulsion, this is a perfect lighter side dinner yet warm and comforting in the midst of winter.  Everything you eat this winter should be in that Lobster Nage as we can't forget how deliciously that flavored this fine work.
Not that many places do potatoes as well as they think they do, but they do a superior job at District Social!  The fingerling potatoes are triumphant in a gorgeous lemon aioli with brilliant scallion dots that really bring out the wholesome flavor, and this makes a terrific accompaniment to any meal.
Our favorite dish of the night without a doubt was the Hanger Steak with Broccolini, a highly underrepresented vegetable in the dining world all over.

From first bite, the juiciness of the hanger steak will make your tastebuds do virtual cartwheels!  Joined by Taro Root Puree and Mojo Emulsion, this is competitive with many steaks we've had at other highly recommended venues.   Definitely order this entree!

Cauliflower is a luxury when it is joined by shallots and Berbere Cream in its roasted perfection, and is also a nice vegetable to order that you don't see on every menu.  We also loved the Cauliflower Gratin last time.
Finally, sing a song of winter with the supremely succulent Beef Short Rib and Polenta, flavored to perfection with Tomato Ragout and Basil the crowning achievement on the top.
Stay tuned for more excellence coming from this winning team!
District Social continues to be Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.

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