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Friday, January 18, 2019

#TerrificTakeout #PeachysPicks #PeachyDeegan #JubileeNY #WhomYouKnow #Manhattan @ManhattanPeachy A Peachy's Pick Since 2011, Jubilee Winter 2019 What would #Dior Eat? Peachy Says Jubilee! @Jubilee_NYC #Jubilee #MasterChefFrance #LucHolie @MCFconnecte #MasterChefsofFrance

Chef Luc with his amazing Cassoulet special boasting six different kinds of meat!
It is EXACTLY what you want to eat in a snowstorm along with everything else in this post.
The triumphant Iberico Pork Chop!  
 Everyone knows it's never who you know, it's WHOM YOU KNOW and everyone also knows that French cuisine is tough to beat, and we'll reiterate it is even tougher when you consider the knockout menu right now at Jubilee, a Peachy's Pick since 2011.  Whom You Know is turning ten next week so when you consider we've been working with a brand continuously for 80% of our history, you can feel even better about it.  Also, Ilda and Luc cared about social media in 2011 when few did! 
We've told you it's time to get excited about Dior:
#CulturedPeachy @Dior @V_and_A @Swarovski #DiorDesignerofDreams #FashionAlert Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams, supported by Swarovski, at the V&A from 2 February – 14 July 2019. #LondonPeachy #EnglandPeachy #WhomYouKnow Couture gowns worn by Princess Margaret, Margot Fonteyn and Jennifer Lawrence to go on display at the V&A for largest ever Christian Dior exhibition in the UK Our Coverage Sponsored by Hallak Cleaners the Couture Cleaner @hallakcleaners
So in channeling our inner Dior, we wonder, what would Dior eat?
Peachy Deegan says Jubilee.  So Dior, if you are reading up there, come back and have dinner with us.  Here's what we suggest.
 A green salad is an essential element of any great meal, and we love the choices at Jubilee.  This visit, we chose the duo of red and yellow beets salad which is traditionally served with goat cheese, and if you like goat cheese you will love its regular rendition.  If you are a Peachy Deegan you don't care for anyone's goat cheese so Chef Luc used a lovely hard cheese, Istara from France (a region towards the Basque country) that was simply amazing. The perfection in thinness of the beets spiraling out from gorgeous greenery was further highlighted by the natural orange dressing, a beacon of refreshment in the winter chill reminiscent of all the lovely Sunkist products we rediscovered via our friends at Sunkist at the Produce Show in New York last December.
Chef Luc is one of the 77 French Elite Chefs of the world also celebrated inbetween two covers and previously featured:
Master Chefs Of France, The Cookbook by LUC HOLIE, EXECUTIVE CHEF AND OWNER of JUBILEE, A PEACHY'S PICK SINCE 2011 and 77 in total French Master Chefs
 It truly does look this good and note we never edit anyone's pictures.
Jubilee was most recently featured in Summer 2018:
Dynamic duo of Ilda and Luc, owners of Jubilee!
 Oooh la la we live for escargot at Jubilee!  Six exquisite snails of garlicy bliss await you perfectly broiled with garlic and parsley butter.  Naturally they bring you the correct escargot fork so you can properly dive into the ecstasy.  After the snails magically disappear we would encourage you to enjoy every last bit of it with the french bread, also amazing.
 Everyone knows the Les Moules at Jubilee are extraordinary in every rendition, and no one does more renditions than Chef Luc's ten choices we count on the menu.  This visit we chose Catalane: Tomato and Chorizo Broth which should be a staple of your winter eating schedule!  The fragrant bastion of goodness in tomatoes and carnivorousness makes a lovely base for the mussels to open up to and for you to delicately devour them.  Note there is also a choice of Mussels Trio with a choice of three flavors on the menu.
 Mussel glamour shots.  Flex these mussels in your stomach!
 Words cannot adequately do justice to the magnificence of the Organic Wagyu Beef Burger.
 This is no ordinary burger and we could eat this every day.  We added swiss because Peachy prefers cheeseburgers or should we say fromageburgers.  The quality of the wagyu beef is equaled only by the fabulous flavor and perfect crispness of the french fries made fresh every day, and you can taste the freshness.  Finally do not miss the onion confit crafted with balsamic, red wine vinegar and sherry.  This is definitely one of the best burgers in Manhattan and it is nice to know that though Jubilee is haute cuisine they are humble enough to celebrate the American burger.
See the onion confit, top left center:
 It is equally perfect inside and note who was too obsessed to stop and properly cut it with a knife and instead bit with enthusiasm:
 The triumphant Iberico Pork Chop!  If you have yet to meet the combination of mustard and pickle together, it is simply fabulous as a combination.  Grain mustard sauce meets shredded gherkins on this majestic pork chop joined by delicious brussels sprouts.  Chef Luc Holie knows how to put the elegant in every aspect of his work and this is by far one of the best pork dishes you will find in Manhattan (we're talking to you, Sean Marr, pork enthusiast and owner of three recommended venues) 
A special right now is Cassoulet with Tarbes beans from the town of Tarbes, France. 
Jubilee does not fool around; they go all the way and add not one or two but six kinds of meat to flavor this with a true knockout punch!  A winter special, Cassoulet is EXACTLY what you need to get though the snowstorm and note it is worth trudging through snow to eat it.  Especially with a glass of Bordeaux! 
 Inside you will discover duck confit, garlic sausage, duck sausage, leg of lamb, bacon and pork loin in perfect proportion and this dish is the edible version of the word hearty!  Delicious in every bite, you absolutely need to acquaint yourself with the cassoulet.
 We absolutely adore poisson and know that some places can overlook fish in the winter, but not Jubilee!  If you are in the mood for something on the lighter side, opt for the classic: Pike Quenelles with Lobster Sauce and Basmati Rice which made its debut on the Jubilee menu in October 2018.  The fish is a native of a lake or river and it is blended with eggs, butter and creme fraiche to culminate in a quenelle which is similar to a mousse.  Those are mushrooms beautifully presented: 
 If you don't think you love Calf's Liver, clearly you have not had it at Jubilee.  A gourmet's delight, the Calf's Liver arrives in style with green grape sauce (the grapes are peeled) and a root vegetable puree of carrots, celery and celery root served in the equally laudable copper which adds to the winter festivity.
 We were obviously impressed with everything we ate up until this point, but the chocolate souffle with creme anglaise was our absolute favorite.  There are few spots at all that can do a proper souffle, and no one does it better than Chef Luc at Jubilee and the chocolate is our FAVORITE.
Jubilee continues to be Highly Recommended and we can't wait to see what they do next!

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