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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

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Executive Chef and Owner of Jubilee, Luc Holie
Jubilee is a member of both Maitres Cuisinieres de France and Académie Culinaire de France, both highly competitive international organizations dedicated to exemplary French Gastronomy!
In Maitres Cuisinieres de France, there are about 25 venues in New York and about 600 in the world, and Luc Holie and Jubilee have been part of this group for four years.
In the Academie Culinaire de France, Luc Holie and Jubilee were inducted in 2018 at the same time as Thomas Keller (think French Laundry).  We understand there are about 110 French restaurants in the USA that belong to this group.
You can see both certificates proudly displayed at Jubilee on the wall.
Jean Louis Gerin, Président USA Académie Culinaire de France; Fabrice Prochasson, World President ACF; Luc Holie, Executive Chef and Owner of Jubilee; Jean Louis Dumonet, Président USA/CANADA Maître Cuisinier de France
Ooh la la it's time to get excited about the fantastic spring menu at Jubilee, our favorite French restaurant, where perfection is an every day standard.  From the moment we arrived, Jubilee continued to elevate and exceed our expectations.  Everyone knows Peachy likes water with no ice and lemons vertically quartered.  This is not as simple a request as it seems in Manhattan, and even Jubilee does this correctly and better, as they have a specific lemon squeezer so your hands don't get lemony.  This small example sets a precedent for the excellence to come, recognized internationally as indicated above!
If you want to have a perfect day in Manhattan, you go eat the escargots by Luc Holie at Jubilee.  They are gorgeously intoxicating and are definitely the best in the city.  We absolutely reveled in the superior garlic parsley butter that the broiled snails luxuriated in.
The accompanying French bread is an essential companion and happily joins the tremendous cassolette.  You will want to enjoy every last drop because it is that delicious!
Bien sur mes amies it is even better with their distinctly superb Bordeaux.
Do not talk to Peachy when she is eating the escargot at Jubilee!
We never edit the pictures!  You are either as talented as Luc, or you are not.
Pictures speak louder than words.
This is among the cleanest plates we have left behind:
Owned by Ilda Araujo and Luc Holie, dynamic wife and husband team, Jubilee has been a Peachy's Pick since 2011 
It was last featured this past winter:
It is in the first four restaurants we have recommended historically over the years:
Though Manhattan just enjoyed a lovely long weekend, we are now back in full swing of the daily grind, where everyone feels like an octopus multitasking trying to accomplish great feats!  Eat what you are.  You'll be absolutely delighted with the Grilled Octopus marinated and blanched, and it teams up with a blend of notable spices including mustard seed, anise seed, coriander seed, fennel seed and both black and pink pepper.  It achieves a delicate balance of powerful yet not overwhelming in terms of flavor.  Some trendy places totally overdo it and do not possess the multiple taste levels that Luc does.  The octopus is of perfect tenderness and does not approach the Goodyear tire consistency (Simon do you use Goodyear?!) used in Indy.   Rubber tire consistency is supposed to be on your Corvette, not on your dinner plate. Also, we are advocates of racing and you should know a FRENCHMAN WON THE INDY 500! We heard it was the first time since 1920 it was won by someone French: Congrats Simon or should we say Felicitations and follow him on Twitter here.
The mussels at Jubilee are legendary.
Typical of his work overall, Luc does not rest on his laurels and only serve the same dozen or so kinds of mussels every season.  He is always creating new ways to cook mussels and every time we go we try something we haven't had before.  When you consider we have been going there since 2011, it is really saying something.
Of course you have the correct utensils and discard plate.
Meet PASTIS!  
It is the newest mussel innovation at Jubilee, and Peachy continues to firmly believe that this is the best way to work on any kind of mussel or muscle: with a fork.
Olive oil, herbs, garlic and Pastis Liquor exemplify the innovative qualities that a classic like Jubilee hits the high marks on with its unique sophisticated taste that elevates you to a vacation on your tastebuds.  Fragrant and gorgeous for spring, the Pastis Mussels is another brilliant combination.  Poulette are the best selling.
Our favorite kind of lollipop!
Savory quail goodness awaits you in a "lollipop" stuffed with mushrooms and foie gras.  Oooh la la it truly does put all other lollipops in this world to shame.  C'est finger food avec joie de vivre!  Yes, Peachy has been watching more French tv and she likes Le Bureau and A French Village so far, and anything with Isabelle Huppert.
The Swordfish has a commanding presence when it is placed in front of you, and the elements employed reminded us a bit of puttanesca.  But better.
This steak of the sea is artfully arranged and is a glorious color combination; the swordfish itself is divine in its sundried tomato crust and it rests upon baby bock choy and black olive sauce.
Another triumphant choice is the Duck Magret, which you will completely indulge in with the decadent truffle sauce.  The duck itself is succulent, juicy and just swimming in that divinity, but what we found truly incredible were the fingerling potatoes which are among the best potato anything we have had all year boasting a perfect flavor and ideal crispness outside and softness inside.  A port reduction, brown chicken sauce, black truffles, very thin shallots, duck fat butter and glazed white wine endeavor to create the best sauce for duck you will ever have.
Grass Fed Black Angus Steak, sourced from New Zealand, is among the best steaks we've had this year and even better than some of the steakhouses.  It was grilled to a perfect pink medium rare giving it ideal juicyness and is is joined by FRESH french fries which are a labor of love and pride at Jubilee, made fresh every day.  You can taste that.  It would be a tragic endeavor if you did not order the Bernaise Sauce which is the best in Manhattan.  No one else achieves the flavor and consistency that Luc Holie does with his Bernaise sauce.
The lemon tart with meringue on top in cute little tufts is joined by a terrific Yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit) sorbet, giving the Jubilee experience an entirely refreshing conclusion.
Jubilee continues to be Highly Recommended and we can't wait to see what they do next!

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