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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

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We definitely have always liked going to great restaurants and playing with our food!

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Pioneers of Dining Out in the Deegan Family

In Chronological Order according to when Peachy's Picks was achieved.  The year reflects the year the restaurant joined Peachy's Picks.  Of course if you see a restaurant owner's picture more than once, it reflects that they own more than one successful restaurant.  All pictures are only with owners, and we always only work directly with owners.




Kings' Carriage House 





El Pote 

Frankie and Johnnie's 

Da Tommasso 

Le Marais 

NOTE: This is the first restaurant in the nine years we have done this to resurrect successfully.  The original review reflects the old restaurant which no longer exists but we are publishing the link, evidencing the history.  The upcoming review will be Spiga-To-Go, where you should go now.



Da Nico 


The Marshal 



Lexington Candy Shop 



District Tap House 

Talia's Steakhouse 

Dianne and Elisabeth 


These met the following criteria:
They have outperformed their competitors, and their owners are among the most competitive, talented, sincere and are there in person and consistently demonstrate they care the most. Additionally, they are nice people and you would want to visit them and their delicious culinary endeavors. 

We have visited them all within the last year to ensure they are staying on top of their game and each time this list is published it reflects a higher degree of difficulty.

There are other restaurants we enjoy, however, since we do not assign number ranks we believe you should know the best of the best on a qualitative basis. Many restaurants come and go in Manhattan but these are here to stay we believe.

We are going to periodically come out with this kind of list.
2017 List:
2010 List:

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