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Friday, November 5, 2021

#PeachysPicks #TerrificTakeout #Thanksgiving #Midtown #Manhattan #NovemberFineDining Exclusively by @AmmosNewYork #Ammos #Estiatorio by #DimitrisNakos A Peachy's Pick for the Last Decade! Featuring #Amel On Wine!

This November we are thankful for the 24oz Bone-In Black Angus Certified Ribeye - a wondrous carnivorous splendor in all its glory touching all five of your senses from the vision to the sizzle to the smell to the ultimate taste
Ammos Estiatorio's November Extravaganza including an Exclusive Thanksgiving Menu below should be your top priority!
That's Cheers in Greek for the uninitiated!  But you HAVE been initiated by watching the video above and along with Peachy Deegan you are adding to your Greek vocabulary.  
And, add Greek to your stomach at Ammos Estiatorio on Vanderbilt Avenue right across from Midtown Manhattan's legendary Grand Central Station.
November's Wine of the Month is a fantastic fall red blend by Chateau Porto Carras: 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Cabernet Franc, and 20% Limnio which originates on the Greek Aegean Island of Limnos and was written about by Homer and Aristotle.  
The burgundy style of full-bodied red wine boasts a velvety mouthsense of dark red fruit, spices, tobacco and superlative notes of coveted dark chocolate.  This marvelous wine pairs well with red meat, spicy sauces, and aged cheeses.
It grows at an altitude of 250-400m in sandy clay soil and is matured in French Oak for 24 months.  It's produced by Domaine Porto Carras and imported by Cava Oinos.
It has earned an international organic wine award:
Raise your glass and say YAMMAS to the sublime November selection at Ammos!
Why have ordinary spinach when you can have extraordinary spinach?  This brilliant healthy burst of nutrition is infused with both feta and garlic achieving the pinnacle of vegetable perfection and we surmise it would even be Popeye-approved.  We'll have to ask him...
Also, we believe in pairing a green salad with every meal.
Meet the Katsikisia Salad!  That means Goat Cheese.  It is so delicious you will find it shocking it is a salad and good for you!  Remember for all the geographically daft Americans like Peachy, Ammos is a Greek restaurant specializing in Greek cuisine which means Mediterranean Healthy!!!  Don't hate it because it's beautiful: eat it.  Resting upon fresh greens you will of course meet the Katsikisia (Goat Cheese), caramelized walnuts which are caramelized on premises, dry greek figs, and dried succulent cranberries all waltzing in a aged balsamic vinaigrette.
From every angle it is evident that the 24oz Bone-In Black Angus Certified Ribeye is a total stunner!
Served with gorgeously fragrant lemon potatoes, the steak is elevated to the heights of tastebud ecstasy with garlic butter and infused with rosemary by the famous Executive Chef Bruno Marino whom you can look forward to seeing again in video next month!  Sourced in the USA, the steak is Black Angus Certified and definitely better than any turkey you will ever eat.  
Next on the Gobble Agenda is of course DESSERT and the masterful delicious flan is Greece's answer to Italy's Panna Cotta.  It's healthy with a greek yogurt base, a staple of the Mediterranean diet and also has eggs, minimal sugar, vanilla beans and is cooked in style on a water bed in the oven to achieve optimal moisture.
Executive Chef Bruno Marino with the Flan
Ammos continues to earn our Highest Recommendation.

52 Vanderbilt Avenue New York, NY 10017 
Tel: 212.922.9999

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