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Friday, November 25, 2022

Terrific Takeout: Previti Pizza Fall 2022 NOW AT 344 EAST 34TH STREET Our Coverage Sponsored by Cosmopolitan Dental, Official Dentist of Whom You Know


"For me, it's all about quality."

-Kevin Wade, Owner of Previti Pizza

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The Pilgrims probably would have ordered pizza if Previti existed a few hundred years ago.  But fortunately for you, it is possible to eat more than just turkey this week and the success of this pizza place is exploding.  WE ARE HOPEFULLY THE FIRST TO TELL YOU ABOUT THEIR THIRD LOCATION AT 344 EAST 34TH STREET!  The Miracle on 34th Street now is this delicious pizza.

If you weren't convinced enough the last few years of the importance of being healthy...!
A salad or two is a great idea to add to your pizza experience and the quality produce at Previti ensures nutrition success.  The House Salad boasts roasted red peppers (not often seen at regular spots but since when are we interested in just regular!), red onion expertly sliced thin, tomato, cucumber and mixed greens.  The arugula salad has that as a base and is joined by lovely halved cherry tomatoes and red onion, while capers up the wow factor here and they are generously applied!
We are huge proponents of Grinders, called Heros in New York and Subs in Boston.  But you know Peachy is from Connecticut where they are GRINDERS.  A sandwich by any other name does in fact taste as excellent in the Shakespearean sense and this one has chicken and mozzarella, a brilliant combination.  As they have only been open since August 27, 2022, this location is still developing their menu.
The simplicity of a cheese pizza is one of life's simple joys in Manhattan, where it is always better because of the superior water here.  Previti uses the ingredients in perfect proportion to each other and this pizza monster (Cookie Monster are you available for our next visit?) revels in the consistency of this spot carried over to multiple locations.  
It may not be bathing suit season but it is still the season where you want to stay fitting in your clothes! To that end we suggest a vegetable pizza and precisely adding mushrooms, onions, spinach and broccoli: a divine combination.  Perhaps leave this for Santa or maybe forward the menu to the North and toy-making is sure to make one hungry.

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