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Wednesday, March 27, 2024

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From the Triple Layer Chocolate Cake which is dessert perfection to the superlative Stuffed Mushrooms, Cecchi's nails the best of American cuisine!
Peachy Deegan sitting with Founder and Owner of Cecchi's, Michael Cecchi-Azzolina author of Highly Recommended "Your Table is Ready"
Obviously, Peachy's table was ready and yours will be too!

It was released December 8, 2022.
We didn't know Michael Cecchi-Azzolina then, but we do now!
It's a "Front of the House" Kitchen Confidential type, and of course we love the "Front Office."
Never ever in 15 years have we read a book by a restaurant owner and then went to the restaurant that happened after the book, but there's a first time for everything and this is a historical event now on our website!  You're going to feel like you know him when you read the book, but you really will when you arrive in style at 105 West 13th Street.
Michael Cecchi Azzolina is the Founder and 100 percent owner of Cecchi's and its future is so bright we'd suggest you bring your sunglasses.
The third time is indeed a charm-we are counting the book review as a review- and we are absolutely thrilled to announce that Cecchi's has earned a spot in the upper echelon of Peachy's Picks.  For everyone interested in restaurant history here, last week David Burke Tavern earned its spot and David and Michael worked together at The Water Club.  You know that already if you read the book as we suggested!  And, now it's in paperback!  We believe it is going to be at every airport in the country and we hate to say we told you so but you know it's a bestseller.
Book it as in read the book and make your reservation!
And if we were you, here's what we would try right now:
With Peachy's camera flash relentlessly attacking them, the suave stuffed mushrooms said, "No autographs please..." as Peachy delicately devoured them.  They're the perfect size.  The delectable divas are wild mushrooms decadently stuffed with black winter truffles, breadcrumbs and grana padano.  The six embellished luxuries are most definitely the best stuffed mushrooms you will find anywhere right now, and don't hate them because they're beautiful.
Eat them.
Of course in real life everything at Cecchi's, and anywhere else that we actually publish on, is really like this visually in real life.  We never ever edit pictures.
You kill it like Michael Cecchi Azzolina or we do not publish.
Among menu items that sell well include Chips and Caviar, San Gennaro in a Blanket and Not a Wedge, all of which we will have to try another time.
These are the two salads we chose, and Ms. Superpicky asked for the dressing on the side in both cases and they pleasantly complied.
Above, please meet the Beet Salad.  Red and yellow beets come to the party and of course Peachy loves the Boston College color combination and is mourning the fact they are not in the brackets now but geez they don't have a Curley in the lineup which would clearly guarantee a spot on the dance card.  When you beet it at Cecchi's, you'll find beautiful baby spinach, arugula, candied walnuts and walnut vinaigrette join the maroon and gold vegetation.
Below, the Market Salad is a classic winner with red oak, frisee, red leaf, winter radish and house green goddess, reconfirming that the overall style here is not pretentious but simple, delicious comfort food going strong since opening on July 1, 2023.
And, notably, the picky one actually liked BOTH salad dressings and still likes to apply them herself.
It doesn't have to be St. Patrick's Day to indulge your inner green goddess...
It goes without saying that the wine list is spectacular and we were delighted with this Cotes du Rhone Delas 2021 to start with, and if you've read the book first which you ought to, Michael has illustrated his credentials better than nearly anyone we've ever recommended before! And of course through the storytelling, learning history has never been more fun.
All wine and culinary endeavors at Cecchi's are approachable and not at all pretentious.
They strike the ideal balance of making you feel like you're A-list all the way without cutting any corners and exceeding your eating expectations with American simplicity elevated which you'll find entirely comforting.  Not since Swifty's closed (where the Peachy Deegan cocktail started and was the only place Peachy ate at in 2010 practically) have we seen such a striking scene!
North Atlantic Swordfish is majestically presented, perching upon wild rice pilaf, delicata squash and festive toasted pumpkin seeds.  The steak of the sea is an ideal entree to have on Good Friday (read about Michael's first serving stories on the altar in his book) and of course as the better weather is on the horizon, so is fresh fish fare on menus.  Pork chops are underrepresented on many menus but completely triumph at Cecchi's.  Sourced from DeBragga and sensationally seared to a lovely medium, the phenomenal depth of flavor will wow you as it is ravished by asparagus, the best apple and potato gratin you've had in your life, and honey mustard gastrique.
Every restaurant in New York absolutely must have a smashing burger, and Cecchi's does indeed.
And every restaurant that wants to please Peachy's palate for strong reds has striking Cabernet to match and we absolutely adored the Cabernet Sauvignon Iconoclast 2021 which brought the richness standup flavor to match the Pat LaFrieda meat (and stay tuned for an update with the longest relationship with this brand on our horizon- we believe three generations.) The burger was perfectly medium rare as indicated by the below pictures and the house sauce, AMERICAN CHEESE (Peachy loves American cheese and is proud of her opinion), pickled green tomatoes and fries all were in perfect proportion to each other and ready to meet you with gusto!  You are going to love it and want to eat it again and again.  The internet password obviously is named after the burger sentiment (Ilovececchis).
If we're being honest, the truth is the vast majority of the fries were delicately devoured by you know who in record time.
No one is asking at Cecchi's WHERE'S THE BEEF?
Yes you can go out and be healthy too.
From the Sauteed Greens - Swiss Chard the night we visited- to the Brussels Sprouts reveling in balsamic glaze with lardons and grana padano, you should not ignore the sides to balance out your meal and make vegetables exciting again!  Cesar Balderas is the Executive Chef and we were delighted to work with Sebastian the server and Jorge the manager too.
Dark three layer chocolate cake is a total dream, and you are not going to want to share it!  Coffee whipped cream made from scratch enhances it to heavenly levels and ice cream on the side seals the deal.  We cannot remember the last time we have had chocolate cake of this quality and we are talking years.  Peachy is a non-recovering ever chocoholic, and seriously proud of it.
Finally, we rarely comment on atmosphere but we will say we have not seen better atmosphere since the end of covid!!!
Cecchi's is Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.

A modern take on the classic New York bar & grill by @michaelcecchiazzolina

105 W 13th Street, New York, NY 10011
(reservations and reservation modifications are not accepted by email)

The paperback came out the second week of January 2024, and of course it's a bestseller (we told you!) and you can even find it at every airport in the country.
(Did you know there is a Peachy's Picks Airports!)

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