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Sunday, March 10, 2024

#PeachysPicks #TerrificTakeout A Peachy's Pick Since 2012, #Spiga Since 2005 now by #MarcoProietti #WhomYouKnow #Manhattan #ManhattanRestaurants #Italian @ManhattanPeachy Winter 2024

Yes the Italian Beef Stew does arrive piping hot and ready to hit the spot!
The new owner of Spiga, Marco Proietti brings this winner into 2024 with smashing success!
It's time to shine some new light on Spiga, one of Peachy's favorite Italian places historically on Whom You Know and which we have always loved, because a new shining star restaurant owner has taken over: Marco Proietti!  Spiga is the first restaurant Marco Proietti has owned and he is also the Executive Chef and created the entire menu.  A Rome, Italy native and New Yorker for years, Marco became the owner in January 2023 and the liquor license was secured in August 2023.  A Peachy's Pick since 2012, we told you it was restaurant Easter when they were resurrected and it was last featured in the summer of 2019 and the biggest news is that it is now sit down and not to go.   
Green salads are an essential component of dinner.  We began with the Insalata Variegata Con Parmigiano, mixed salad with Parmesean cheese.  They listened to Ms. Superpicky and got it right the first time and put the dressing on the side.  This is the first time we have worked with Marco ever and it was impressed upon us that he absolutely knows what he is doing across the board and graciously greeted us the moment we walked in.  All salad elements were fresh in the dead of winter and this is exactly what we are looking for in a salad, and we absolutely loved the Caesar salad too and trusted them to dress it correctly, and they did.  
The Polpettine in Salsa Di Pomodoro was next in the batting order, and these are distinguished by their carnivorous nature: they are all beef with no bread and are gluten-free.  The robust wonders danced in a classic and classy tomato sauce, evocative of the overall classy atmosphere of Spiga, always dedicated to the Roman menu.  Of course, you remember Spiga means wheat in Italian.
...and they smiled for their closeup:
Every Italian place we love excels at Primi/Pasta, and Spiga showed us they are in it to win it.  If you are new to Whom You Know, you ought to know we never edit pictures: you excel like Marco and his predecessors or we do not publish.  We count nine pasta choices right now and it is tough to narrow them down.  Meet the Lasagna Carciofi E Besciamella E Parmigiano, which distinguishes itself from its competitors by being MADE TO ORDER.  How many lasagnas are made to order in New York?  Not many.  We have been TELLING YOU FOR A DOZEN YEARS consistently that SPIGA IS AMAZING AND A PEACHY'S PICK.  This delicacy is composed of artichokes, bechamel and parmesan and the luxurious richness will envelop your tastebuds with panache.  Evocative of high style, it is a pleasure to befriend.  Next, absolute winter perfection is the Fettuccine Alla Bolognese Con Cremini E Tocco Di Panna, fettuccine bolognese with mushrooms and cream and we hear it is the most popular pasta at Spiga right now.  It's hit the spot comfort food and you want it before they run out!
Obviously, the star of the show anywhere should be the entree and you need to make your next appointment to the Upper West Side to prioritize these stellas (star in Italian).  Salmone In Crosta Di Patate Con Spinaci E Salsa Di Senape makes salmon spectacular with its inviting potato crust, lording upon sauteed spinach in an english mustard  and cream sauce that is potitively intoxicating (without alcohol).  Essential this winter is the Spezzatino Di Manzo Con Pure Di Patate: Italian Beef Stew with Mashed Potatoes from Idaho.  Honestly it is better than any Irish Beef Stew we've ever had, and we have had some good ones including when Peachy was a resident of Ireland.   He may be from Rome but Marco's potatoes told us maybe he has some Irish insight as we approach March 17th.  The Oscars are tonight and you should roll out your own red carpet for these entrees.
We are vegetable enthusiasts and you don't have to be vegan to celebrate healthy eating which can be achieved at Spiga.  Both the Cime Di Rape, Broccoli Rabe - and Spinaci Saltati, Sauteed Spinach are ideal for nutrition and also delicious.  Finally, an avid Chicken Parm Enthusiast, Peachy Deegan delicately devoured this Pollo Parmigiana made of free-range small chicken breast, and it was the first item totally eliminated from this review because you know it had a stomach destination.  Actions speak louder than words, readers.
Spiga continues to be Highly Recommended by Whom You Know and we can't wait to see what our pal the uber-talented Marco Proietti does next.
Do not miss the essential Supertuscan perfection!

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