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Friday, May 3, 2024

#SalonPeachy @ManhattanPeachy #PeachyDeegan #StephenKnoll Summer Fun Starts with Rich Color and Foil-Controlled Strategic Highlights by Uber-Talented Colorist #DavidCrandall of The Stephen Knoll Salon, 19 E 62nd Street Manhattan!

Gorgeous Haircolor by David Crandall of Stephen Knoll New York
"Underdoing is Overdoing."

In the wide world of haircolor spanning so many shades and colors, there's only ONE DAVID CRANDALL.  At the storied Stephen Knoll Salon on East 62nd Street on the Upper East Side, David wondrously executes a vision of you that is enhanced and exceeding the expectations of your spectrum of haircolor brilliance.

We began by saying Enchante in January, and the continued skillfulness continued in March.  Today we're pleased as punch to say the third time is indeed a charm and Peachy's Hair just got the David Crandall Triple Crown!  We are not horsing around at all: the truth is the pictures look like real life. 

There's a reason why we don't show you before pictures: time becomes an enemy of haircolor.  Other challenges include hats, head sweating and just aging of the color itself.  Fortunately, David possesses the quintessential aptitude for painting your hair and therefore your life with restorative richness.  We began with the signature single process which sets the stage for success: Arrividerci Roots and Espresso Yourself both by Aloxxi which David HELPED CREATE teamed up for a perfect bespoke hue for the single process.  

After the color was perfectly painted on and set, Lina Cuello washed and dried Peachy's hair, setting the stage for the second scene of Color by David Crandall.  Strategically-placed foils are central to the highlight execution.  You don't use color to eliminate color: you use lightener and this is how highlights are achieved.  David paints through the lowlights: fewer highlights are needed now because Peachy's hair had faded out.

Finally, it's essential to restore the richness and brilliance of the color throughout the length of the hair.  Not only does David Crandall celebrate the brillance of the roots of your hair, but he ensures the color continues through the strand right down to the ends of the hair length.  This freshen up really sets David's work apart.  The winning result yields an overall cohesive color presentation emanating richness throughout the length of the strands.
Tania Siguencia blew out Peachy's hair in careful sections and the result is above!
Don't overdo your haircolor: sport richness with haircolor by David Crandall of Stephen Knoll!
Stephen Knoll
Haircolor by David Crandall of The Stephen Knoll Salon is Highly Recommended by Whom You Know!

Founded in 1991 in the heart of New York City, the Stephen Knoll New York Salon caters to both a celebrity clientele and discerning New Yorkers – people from all walks of life. We would be honored to serve you.

In 2006, he sought a solution for his on-the-go clients to replicate professional, salon quality results between styling sessions. Collaborating with Tokyo-based Kosé, the leaders in beauty technology, he created Stephen Knoll New York – a range of premium, customizable styling and haircare products inspired by a New York aesthetic and powered by Japanese technology.

Today, Stephen continues to work both from his NYC salon and as a photo session stylist, while traveling the world to style his dedicated clients. The Stephen Knoll New York collection of pro-quality products is featured in more than 23,000 points of distribution worldwide.

Visit the Stephen Knoll Salon at it's new location! 19 E 62nd St FL2, New York, NY

Call (212) 421-0100 to make an appointment.

Your haircolor's future is so bright after a visit to Stephen and David, you're going to need sunglasses!
Stephen Knoll New York was born in NYC where the world’s artists, creators, and influencers come together, drawing inspiration from the raw energy and diversity of the City.

Hair stylist Stephen Knoll founded his Midtown salon in 1991, in the heart of Manhattan – blocks from Central Park. Catering to a celebrity clientele and discerning New Yorkers alike, Stephen has been at the genesis of styling and fashion trends for three decades.

To enable his busy, on-the-go clients to replicate salon quality results they love between styling sessions, Stephen sought to create a superior range of haircare products that could deliver the professional standards his customers expect.

He found his holy grail in Japanese innovation. Collaborating with Kosé, the leaders in beauty technology, they created Stephen Knoll New York – premium, customizable styling and haircare products that meet the needs of a discerning clientele from New York to Tokyo, Toronto to Rio.

Stephen Knoll New York hair care is inspired by New York aesthetic, powered by Japanese Ingenuity.
Simple or Complex Beauty is what the world needs ALWAYS!! (...says his instagram.)
Born in the peachiest state of all, Georgia, David Crandall grew up with midwestern values as his parents were from Michigan and with his father in the service, he had the opportunity to grow up in many geographic places. David Crandall's career in hair began in 1984 in New York where he began at La Coupe, and later went to Jon Guenter from 1984 to 1987. Then later in 1987, he joined Pierre Michel where he was until 1991 when he was the second employee of Stephen Knoll when the salon opened.

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