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Friday, May 3, 2024

#NIGHTLIGHT #FrancePeachy @businessfrance Art de Vivre à la Française at the Consulate General of France 934 5th Ave, New York

What's better than April in Paris? May at the French Consulte in New York with Business France, bien sur mes amis! 
It's not who you know, it's WHOM YOU KNOW and everyone knows it's ALSO QUE VOUS CONNAISSEZ.
We love the commemorative history plaques you see once you walk in.
We think this means in April 1524 which is 500 years ago the French essentially landed in New York and we hope they celebrate that too! Of course 9.11 is the most significant event here of the modern era.
For the uninitiated, note that French is the second official language of Whom You Know and our annual press release is first in English and then French. We hope you all read Mover and Shaker Andre Lacroix's book and we thank the French Consulate, Lea Rita DeCampos, Frederic Rossi and Damien Laban for inviting us to their superlative soiree, Art de Vivre à la Française, where we met several French businesses whom we hope prove to be as amazing as business owners Benjamin Spruch of Degrenne and Paul Denamiel of Le Rivage have been so far this year! We are already choosing France.  We adored the piano music-check it out here on our video.
From May 2 to 3, 2024 this show brought together a delegation of 12 luxury & high-end design home & décor brands to the Consulate General of France.  We can't wait to learn more from these brand new French brand owners and the very best will be presented to you here post-review; if you are a French brand owner please contact peachydeegan at gmail dot com.
Alain Delon is the best ambassador of France ever in its entire history and here are our favorite Top Ten Movies of his.  So far.  Alain if you are up for it, Peachy will write a movie about you in New York if you come over and make it come to life! (His art was auctioned partly in New York last year.)
Ranging from lighting and bespoke pieces to upholstery, Limoges porcelain and much more, these companies and craft workshops embody French design and Mademoiselle Peachy looks forward to telling you more in upcoming posts, of course in CHEZ PEACHY, our column for everything home and design, French or not.  
We were delighted to see David Christopher Salvatore, bien sur in his RED JACKET and Garrow Kedigian!  They did not plan the coordinating colors!  It was a happy accident.  Maybe Peachy will wear red next time not pink.
Naturally, we thought of you:

In other French news:

France, European champion for attractiveness for the 5th consecutive year

EY today publishes its Barometer of the attractiveness of France 2024. This barometer, carried out each year, lists foreign investment projects in Europe and analyzes the perception that our country arouses among decision-makers economic. It thus assesses real and perceived attractiveness and compares the main European countries.

In a context of decline in investment decisions destined for Europe (- 23% in the EU according to the latest UNCTAD data), France has managed to maintain the confidence of investors and maintain its 1st place in the ranking of attractiveness for the 5th consecutive year with 1,194 projects identified. The United Kingdom (985 projects) and Germany (733 projects) complete the podium. France is the destination of 21% of foreign investments intended for Europe in 2023, compared to 18.7% in 2019 , it therefore welcomes a larger part of foreign direct investments than in 2019.

The significant number of extensions in France (64%) is proof of renewed confidence in the France site and must be considered a real asset. This significant share is directly linked to the high number of industrial projects identified in our territory.

France remains the most attractive country for industrial investments in Europe with 530 projects recorded, a leading position that it has held for more than 20 years. It also occupies 1st place in Europe for the number of factories created or expanded and for the number of jobs generated in production sites .

France has adopted an ambitious industrial strategy, which ranges from the significant reduction in implementation times permitted by the green industry law, massive investment in skills and even the structuring of real sectors. All these measures make France competitive and attractive for industrial projects.

France retains its title of champion of innovation in Europe with 123 projects identified in 2023 in R&D. The clear and ambitious vision carried by France 2030 is a real comparative advantage in increased global competition. It provides clear answers and perspectives to investors and thus establishes innovation in the long term. It is therefore important to underline that France is the leading destination in Europe for foreign investments in artificial intelligence with 17 projects identified in 2023, ahead of the United Kingdom (12 projects) and Germany (9 projects).

Five French regions (Ile-de-France, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Grand Est, Hauts de France and Occitanie) are among the fifteen most attractive regions in Europe in terms of number of foreign investment projects. This illustrates the ability of territories to attract foreign investors and not only in large metropolises. In 2023, almost one in two foreign investment projects concerns rural areas or medium-sized towns. Throughout France, foreign investors participate in the revitalization of our territories by creating added value and jobs.

The perception survey which completes the EY barometer indicates that 76% of the managers questioned say they are more confident about France's ability to maintain or even increase its attractiveness (vs. 53% in 2023) . This clear increase reflects a notable change in the overall perception of France as a destination for investment and economic development. The French economy appears more attractive in the eyes of the world, which could encourage more foreign investment to turn to France.

“It is a great satisfaction to see, for the fifth consecutive year, France recognized as the most attractive country in Europe for foreign investments. This is not the result of chance: the reforms undertaken since 2017 at the initiative of the President of the Republic produce long-term results for the benefit of growth and employment in our territories. We are continuing our reform momentum, whether in favor of fiscal stability, the excellence of our talents, support for research and innovation or the simplification of administrative procedures. » declares Mr. Franck Riester, Minister Delegate to the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, responsible for Foreign Trade and Attractiveness, Francophonie and French people abroad.

“ France is continuing its reindustrialization effort, it is strengthening and modernizing its economy, and investors have understood this well. These results are consistent with those recorded by Business France in terms of foreign investment. The reforms carried out to promote economic activity in our territory are bearing fruit and convincing investors to choose France as a destination for their European operations . In 2023, 58% of projects received tailor - made support from Business France . This represents 67 % of jobs created or maintained in our territory ,” explains Laurent Saint-Martin, Managing Director of Business France.

“ We are proud to contribute to the attractiveness of France as a land of innovation. Foreign investors recognize the quality of our talents, our infrastructure and our innovative ecosystem, particularly in the field of artificial intelligence where France is positioned as a European leader. Thanks to our personalized support, we help them realize their projects and become part of a dynamic of sustainable and responsible growth,” underlines Pascal Cagni, Ambassador for International Investments.

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