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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

#TerrificTakeout #PeachysPicks #PeachyDeegan @LexingtonCandy #UpperEastSide #WhomYouKnow #Manhattan @ManhattanPeachy A Peachy's Pick Since 2015 and Best #Butter #Burger in the #USA Says #WhomYouKnow , Lexington Candy Shop Since 1925 Spring 2019

Yes that is butter on top of the American Cheese!

All Hail the Butter Burger of Lexington Candy Shop Since 1925!!!!

Their future is so bright, we need to wear sunglasses!

One of the most exciting things you can do in Manhattan is peruse the laudable menu of Lexington Candy Shop, and even more exciting, eat what you order.  That's our pal John Philis, owner of Lexington Candy Shop that his grandfather started in 1925.  Every time we visit we think of our late friend Connie, who wrote the most comprehensive book on Coca Cola in History; she and Peachy were on the Alumnae Board of Directors of Miss Porter's School during the same term.  At Connie's suggestion, 
we started going there BEFORE we started Whom You Know.
You all have to read Connie's book:

Of course, Lexington Candy Shop has one of the few remaining true Coca Cola fountains in the world.  Peachy's degree from Boston College is a B.A. in American History and of course, we use it well by eating at historic restaurants.

Meet the Coke float, a classic:
You can not get a better ice cream soda anywhere and the authenticity and the history of this place make it taste even better.  Lexington Candy Shop ranks among the highest we review for consistency and it has been around longer than most of you reading this have been alive.  The Coke Float will make your day (even you, Clint Eastwood and be sure to see The Mule!!!) 
Go ahead, make your day.

While you properly usher in spring, remember bathing suit season is right around the corner.
Lexington Candy Shop has salads covered too!  The Greek Salad is a relative newcomer to the menu, and it is properly dressed and the perfect mix of tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, onions and olives, which normally we don't love but these black ones with the pits taken out (yay!) are delicious.  Of course feta cheese dances all over the vegetables giving the dish a party accent.

Everyone has had lemonade, but the lemonade at Lexington Candy Shop is made to order.
Even better to us is the Orangeade: same concept, but with oranges, not lemons.
Two whole oranges go into every glass fresh squeezed in their special blender (you can't get these anymore-they're made better back in the day, an authentic working antique!)  along with simple sugar syrup and water.  It is like drinking sunshine and celebrating spring!

If you are a careful reader and a close follower of Peachy on Twitter, you know she was lamenting the fact that she could not eat a butter burger last Friday during Lent.  However, look at what she CAN eat.  Pinkies out!  Oooh la la meet the sophisticated smoked salmon platter, perfection on a plate.  The salmon is the star of the show obviously, fresh and delicious, and it rests upon a bed of lettuce and tomato.  Side shows include homemade potato salad and coleslaw.  This definitely announces spring is here!

Though we really love the Coke Float, what we adore the most to drink is the coffee ice cream milkshake which has both delicious ice cream and coffee itself.  It would be tempting to drink this every morning instead of just plain coffee if it had zero calories!  You cannot get a better milkshake anywhere and we like this better than our very expensive ridiculous professional modern blender-made milkshakes we make ourselves.
The club section of the menu is loaded with fabulous choices.
The roast beef with swiss cheese and bacon will earn a standing ovation from your stomach, especially when you choose toasted seeded rye and mayo to go with it!  The customization employed in the sandwiches enhances these experiences also, and everyone likes choices.  
Open your mouth wide!

Right up there with the coffee milkshake is the Butter Burger.
This is the second time we have reviewed it, and it lived up to all expectations set forth in Peachy's dreams for days prior to our visit.
You have not lived if you have not had this Butter Burger and a Coke Float.
It is a quintessential New York experience.
It is a quintessential AMERICAN experience.
Say medium rare please with American cheese!

Words cannot do this masterpiece justice.
It could nearly be a painting in the Met but then, you couldn't eat it.
Glamour shots:

You should know it is almost pure torture to take pictures of it first because you are going to want to pounce on it immediately!!!  The delicious juicy taste exceeds satisfaction.

We love Lexington Candy Shop!
Of course it continues to be Highly Recommended.

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